Request for du’ah for Brother Kamau Sadiki & a brief historical background

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As Salaamo Alaikum wa Rahmatullah beloved brothers and sisters , fellow believers in Islam.

I am  your brother Bilal Sunni-Ali,  Amir of IJAN, the Imam Jamil Action making this request of all believers that we make duah for our brother Kamau Sadiki. 

Historical note: 

Brother Kamau Sadiki who‘s trial for the murder of a City of Atlanta Patrolman was presided over by Judge Stephanie Mannis, the same judge who only months earlier presided over the case of our Imam Jamil Al-Amin. Both cases which had serious issues of lack of evidence being tied to the defendants were pushed to conviction through the same summarily sustaining and approval  of prosecutors motions and denial of defendant’s motions. Kamau’s trial which took place over thirty years after the actual death of the policeman relied heavily on the emotional public response to a policeman being murdered than on any direct evidence being tied to the one being accused of committing the crime. Kamau’s trial came as a direct result of the FBI’s threatening to have him spend the rest of his life in prison for not cooperating with them. Kamau Sadiki, the father of Assata Shakur’s daughter had been asked to be a part of a scheme that would lure Sister Assate away from Cuba, where she now  enjoys political asylum to somewhere where she could be  taken into custody by U.S. authorities.

Request for duah: 

 The time that the  duah is requested to be offered is Friday February 16, 2024 . This is three days before Kamau’s 71st birthday but more importantly it is the beginning of a week of an Inter Faith Conference calling for the release of elderly political prisoners. As participants in the conference i along Sister Shafeah M’Bali, southern coordinator  of IJAN will be presenting as part of a panel held also on Saturday February 17th between 4 and 6 pm on the topic Islam and political and social movements in the U.S.A.

Further information about the conference and related activities will be soon to follow.


UPDATE 2024-02-15 - Flyer for the 2024 Interfaith Conference to Liberate our Elsders from Prison:

Flyer for the 2024 Interfaith Conference to Liberate our Elsders from Prison