Official IJAN Update - March-August, 2023

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IJAN Update -- 2023 March-August
IJAN Update -- 2023 March-August (Page 1)

An Update on Imam Jamil

We haven't consistently heard from Imam Jamil for a few months because the prison had been on lock down due to a murder. When he did manage to call, it was uncertain how long he would have or if he would be able to call again due to the rolling lock downs during the murder investigations and search for the gun. During one of his calls, Imam Jamil expressed his disapproval of groups like Al-Ummah commercially exploiting his image and likeness without permission. It was particularly concerning since Al-Ummah had reportedly broken its Bay'ah to Imam Jamil without informing the public. He signed off on a letter representing his position.

Imam Jamil had called in during the Riyadah in July in North Carolina. In the call he emphasized that the bedrock of a strong community is in its commitment to Islamic principals. He quoted Umar ibn Khattab, a companion of Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him), stating, "There is no Islam without community, there is no community without leadership, and there's no leadership without allegiance."

In the limited time available, the Imam left an impactful message for all: adherence to Islamic principles, righteousness, remembrance of the Creator, and good behavior are all determining factors used to take measure of the health and longevity of any community. Just before the Imam’s call ended, he made the request of the Imam Jamil Action Network (IJAN) to officially handle the defense fund.


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