Spirit of Mandela & NMWMUM We Charge Genocide 21 Outcomes & Call to Action 12.18.2021


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18:20:38 And other people oppressed inside the United States have called on the United Nation to charge the United States with genocide.
18:20:47 We still charge genocide in 2021, brothers and sisters from the black liberation movement from the Puerto Rican liberation movement from the Indigenous People's struggles.
18:21:04 From healthcare to environmental justice environmental racism political prisoners, all came forward and gave testimony at the historic tribunal.
18:21:14 But what was most important is the call for follow up of organizing industry, the call to action, and the mountain meal Action Network is part of that action.
18:21:26 So tonight we are giving stage, not only to the work that you manage the meal Action Network is been doing two feet mom's meal to educate around all political prisoners, and to work to change the quality of life of all oppressed people to speak truth
18:21:45 to power, but also to give a platform to those who are struggling out in the streets and other organizations. So this is also a call to action.
18:21:56 We encourage all of the, the, the presenters tonight, not only to give the information of what you are doing, but also how to get in contact.
18:22:19 If you're not in an organization. You're a lone ranger. And so we call upon all those who are watching this evening to listen to the reports.
18:22:30 Get yet gather the information of where people are get the information about how to be a part of the organization, so that we can step forward. and we can move our struggles forward.
18:22:44 Next up is brother Bilbao Sunni Ali, giving an international perspective on struggle and international perspective, from Amman Jamil Action Network, where the villa.
18:23:00 Once again thank thank you.
18:23:02 I seek refuge in a law against misleading and being misled to seek refuge in law against the trailer being betrayed into ignorance.
18:23:17 I asked a lot of god my heart and died, my tongue, as to what I would, what I intend to share. And I want to briefly go over the international perspective of the man Camille action network based on the history that has transpired that has transformed.
18:23:29 Since he became involved with snit, and before, before he became the chairman. Before that, before he has a trap brown became the chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee.
18:23:42 He was the.
18:23:43 He was the state chairman for Alabama.
18:23:58 And before he became a state chairman of Alabama. There was a historic visit to Alabama on the part of Malcolm X el Hajj Malik to bass, who spoke in Selma, and she spoke it into us at Tuskegee, and he spoke and met people in lounge lounge County, Alabama.
18:24:08 When a trap brown in 1965 1966 was the state chairman for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee the state chairman for Alabama. He established in nouns County, the freedom of the nouns county freedom augmentation.
18:24:25 As part of the voter rights and voter education and quota self defense program this vote a self defense program was necessary, because the Alabama, Governor George Wallace publicly called for the killing and his own words the killing of niggers down there
18:24:42 in Alabama, down here in Alabama, especially those involved in the voters rights movement is if we don't start killing them niggles, they're going to, they're going to organize and overtake us.
18:24:55 So following that announcement on, on behalf of the Governor Wallace of Governor of Alabama, a young man named Jimmy Lee Jones with murder.
18:25:04 Another white woman from Detroit and a viola the wounds of Bernie.
18:25:11 The self defense countering was organized,
18:25:28 largely by hh rap Brown, and others, and they were responsible to hold the shooting by the Klu Klux Klan at the people who have registered to, who has registered to vote.
18:25:32 And then, who had been sharecroppers and with kicked off their land.
18:25:36 And they had formed a tent city. The Klan was coming around shooting at the people in the, in the tent city, the nouns County.
18:25:45 The that that led to more people being encouraged with feeling that they were safe to vote, because the lounge lounge County.
18:25:55 Freedom organization had a logo as its logo the Black Panther, and they had as a slogan, move on over over move on you, over you. And, going, going, talk and lounge County was that you should vote for the Black Panther, and then go home, then go home
18:26:14 at that go home and defend your house and your family from the, from the vigilantes. The rule black South today is still the largest bone black voting bloc.
18:26:39 And that's the role black south in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and North and South Carolina, and then fast forward a man and me Graham Brown had become a mentor meal, and was the community and the National fear of over 41 month, Masters in 1992 as
18:26:52 the National MC, he called for a called for the nav two and then again in 92 he called for the brothers to get involved with the, with the violence that was taking place among street gangs and an international council for urban peace, justice and empowerment
18:27:13 was developed, and that's still, then that is still in existence and it continues along with the computer community empowerment association of Pittsburgh, which is the cultural, educational, vocational training center for at risk youth.
18:27:33 The record shows the Texas shows that.
18:27:35 From that time to now there was a reduction, at least for the next 15 years there was a reduction in new farmers and reduction in black on black crime.
18:27:45 And in spite of that, mass incarceration.
18:27:52 Rose.
18:27:52 In 1998, mm per meal.
18:27:53 I'll remain as the National national meal, much less assure call for call for an established friendship and assistance treaties with other Islamic organizations, including the empire of Washington, D does pneumonia, with the emphasis custom eBay.
18:28:14 Doug ammonia, with the emphasis that Ill Bay. Establish establish an Islamic community in Whitehall Alabama.
18:28:21 And, and he was appointed Mayor by the mayor, Johnny Jackson of Whitehall Alabama, he was appointed a military officer in charge of use athletic activities, and we had.
18:28:36 So that Islamic community was established on March, we all know that he was taken into custody. On March, 20th, because of the shooting that took place on 116.
18:29:04 account. That would be the first observance of no other was going to take place in Whitehall Alabama.
18:29:05 In the middle, on the main call for his room to Whitehall history is when we make, both from a place of strength, go from a place where we're Laxman to a place where we have developed strength, along with calling for his room amongst the Muslim communities
18:29:20 in North America, he advanced the Whitehall project, which was to establish Whitehall Alabama announced County, Alabama, as a major tourist attraction internationally, where the teaching of the history of the Voting Rights Movement and lounge county and
18:29:41 throughout the role black SUVs would be taught.
18:29:47 We have in December, 2001, we had the inaugural hearing of the African American tribunal which examined the case of the manager meal.
18:30:01 And, and we have the.
18:30:04 We have the also can be shared in the chat will be a document called the internationalizing the struggle, where the, where the final judgment and decree of that tribe, you know, was was hurt.
18:30:20 And also you can see the state of the black world resolution, those documents that that in that, in that, in that.
18:30:34 Then, in that document, known as the international internationalizing of the case of the manager meal.
18:30:45 On January, 1, to 2015 to December 31 24, the chief officer of the United of the United Nations High Commission on Human Rights. So at Rob Al Hussein, establish the UN international decade for people of African descent, and attorney Moosa Don folio was
18:31:07 named the general counsel for the International Commission on African descendants attorney Moosa done folio is the legal advisors, and legal counsel to a man Jamil Allah means on issues of donations of international human rights.
18:31:25 On September, 29 and 22 the October 1, and the year, 2017, as an activity of the, of the United Nations declared international people of African descent first conference on Confederation, and human rights remedies was was called in Jackson, Mississippi,
18:31:48 it was sponsored by the American Institute of human rights. The man Jamil international international human rights legal defense emails will ask for the mountain that's grassroots movements.
18:32:03 International Commission on African African descendants, and the International international fame of Muslim cultures.
18:32:14 Also the veterans Mississippi civil rights movement, and, and Tuvalu college event was held and hosted asked to accurately recall in attendance at this event, the first conference on Confederation and and human rights remember this was not only the Jamaat
18:32:35 of a man, may Allah me, but also the community of followers of was named Muhammad, the Nation of Islam. That being led by Louis Farrakhan. The last foundation of Islam, which was led by the honorable Silas Mohammed, the Provisional Government of the Republic
18:32:55 of new Africa, the Malcolm X grassroots movement. The United Negro Improvement Association African communities leave the African Methodist Episcopal Church, the more science Temple of America, and indigenous nations.
18:33:13 So, not, not in total, but we're including the Washington, the Cherokee Choctaw Chickasaw the Chippewa, and also the mosque of Islamic brotherhood, which is the lineal descendant of the Muslim mosque Incorporated, which had been established by El Hajj
18:33:31 Malik Chavez.
18:33:34 Know this Malcolm Malcolm X at this at this historic occasion, was one of the first announcements. Oh, the third of Mandela should fab, you know, which was to be held which has now been held in New York.
18:33:52 In October of 2021.
18:33:58 He asked us to start a page and there was a document held which also will be in the chat and people can people can get it from from the chair, called the African descendant declaration of self determination African descent this declaration of self determination
18:34:15 is the is the is the Declaration of Independence that people sign that will make them part of the body of the population of this newly newly formed a nation.
18:34:28 This newly formed entity which be recognized as a nation will be recognized that nation.
18:34:36 Already that recognition has already been established by the African Union and and which will automatically give it recognition by the General Assembly, the United Nations General Assembly.
18:34:48 And there's also.
18:34:50 There's also been negotiated with the African and put the augmentation of American States further development of this, of this nation will require a judicial executive body to be developed which is as of, as of spring of 2021 is move on to develop that
18:35:11 body by turning books to Dan. Dan folio. And there's also in fifth place in the US, in the UK. In the spring of 2021 African descendants of the Diaspora in Europe, began to form a provisional a temporary executive body.
18:35:33 They that the, the other body that was needed for being a legislative body, which we have already began talking with the spirit of the Mandela tribunal.
18:35:52 And the organizers about working together for the to develop the people send it. And so, it's not the same body but it's a body that will be working together, because one of the to determine the people's commitment to being in the people sitting, and
18:36:05 being part of that legislative body of this newly recognized nation would be would be that thing, except diverting of the spirit of Mandela, try being a coalition.
18:36:19 This loop and this into this perspective, is international perspective, the imagine mill Action Network will be will be further expressed, and and ratified at the upcoming summer bridge crossing Jubilee in March 2012 much 2022 at the new African nation
18:36:43 day conference, March 25 of 2022.
18:36:49 At the end that will take place in Birmingham, Alabama, also at the National Black political convention which will take place in Newark, New Jersey and April 22.
18:37:01 And lastly, lastly, as the on record so far, but not limited to the, the Georgia June teen celebrations, which will be judged, just be 18th 19th 20th and 21st place in Atlanta, Georgia.
18:37:20 So that's the set of the imagine mill action networks, international perspective, which, which brings us right to the reason why we're here now to hear the continued outcomes, and continue organizing efforts on behalf of the spirit of Mandela international
18:37:44 tribunal.
18:37:46 Thank you very much.
18:37:52 With that, we like to give a heads up to Brother Matt Meyer and brother Joe Hi. Organizers key organizers of the international tribunal, as well as followed by Sister NKTT for the chief counsel for the tribunal.
18:38:13 So Matt, we'd like your step forward, think we got about 15 minutes.
18:38:19 Well thank you sister Thank you brother allow a salaam aleikum. Greetings to everyone.
18:38:26 I'm going to take less than at time because I'm going to just come in for about a minute to to service MC, just in this little section, because we have a little switch around in the order of things and we'll come back to me later to take some of my time
18:38:41 on my commentary but I'm going to quote my brother to introduce my sister, 70 years ago yesterday.
18:38:51 William Patterson Paul ropes and W Eb two boys, put down to the burgeoning new group called the United Nations the we charge genocide petition.
18:39:04 Six weeks ago. Today, we charged genocide.
18:39:10 Change this headline, because it no longer is it is the headline for us we charge genocide, the headline is us guilty of genocide us guilty of genocide.
18:39:24 And though we have known this all along that guilty verdict was found by an independent panel of international journalists, and it was set forth by the sister, who has to leave in a few minutes.
18:39:38 So we're going to have her go first when it changed the order, but to introduce her.
18:39:44 I'm going to have to quote, my dear brother Jihad abdomen meet who said Let it be known.
18:39:51 Let it be known that in 2021.
18:39:56 The verdict of genocide guilty of genocide, and the charge of genocide was successfully brought before an international arena by women of African descent sister and keep she typed differ.
18:40:11 So I think we know that dear sister and her work including her recent book.
18:40:16 Black Power black lawyer but we, she has to go off soon, so we're going to hear from system cheat sheet who really was the legal glue that held the tribunals together.
18:40:29 Assistant, he saw years now.
18:40:33 He saw yours now. Thank you so very much brother, a mad and also brother, a jihad. And I just want to say that you know I really stand on the shoulders of our ancestors but also people who are on this call brother Bill out learned so much from brother
18:40:49 sister Shafi and Bali, I mean these are folks that I looked up to before I even was a lawyer. Actually that has helped to like the path that I've been on so when I was asked by the spirit of Mandela, how coalition.
18:41:07 On behalf of the people against the United States government charging us with genocide. I felt prepared.
18:41:19 Because, again, of whose shoulders that I stand upon, and the only thing that I really wish to do at this point before turning it back over to my brothers are mad and a jihad is to once again specifically state and highlight just what the international
18:41:34 definition of genocide is and I wish to do so because oftentimes we do not see that the issue is actually related to black and brown and indigenous peoples in in this country but more so for our folks outside of this country so I just want to be sure
18:41:57 that everyone is clear that what the international panel of surest failed, with respect to those five issue areas that were highlighted by over 30 of witnesses that testified for the tribunal that dealing with issues of police killings of mass incarceration
18:42:18 political prisoners and prisoners of war, environmental racism and public health disparities did in fact fit, specifically within the rubric of of genocide and the definition of genocide.
18:42:33 That was adopted by the International Convention on the prevention of punishment of the climate genocide in 1948, was that genocide, whether committed in time of peace, or in time of war is a crime, and the international law which the contracting parties
18:42:52 agree or undertake to prevent and punish genocide, the convention declares is the committee of certain acts with intent to destroy in whole or in part a national ethnic or racial or religious group at such number one, killing members of the number two,
18:43:12 Number one, killing members of the group. Number two, causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group. Number three, deliberately inflicting upon the group conditions of life, calculated to bring about the destruction in all our empire number
18:43:42 It's not the only punishable app conspiracy to commit genocide direct and public incitement to commit genocide complicity to commit genocide, and it was one other thing intent incitement or something along those lines.
18:44:01 And then, is the convention concluded by stating that those found guilty of genocide shall be punished.
18:44:11 Regardless of whether they are constitutionally protected rulers public officials, or private citizens, and it's really important to a tip expressing just what that international definition was because that definition was in fact adopted by the United
18:44:30 States after a 38 years of discussion and debate, the US Senate finally gave us advice and consent to ratification. I'll be with certain limiting specifics, but not as limiting this other international.
18:44:49 You know tribunals. So this is something that not only can be found by international body of yours such as what occurred on October 23 to 25th, but also as a claim under the US code in, specifically in US law.
18:45:09 So I just wanted to make sure that I stated that and I'm going to turn it back over to my brothers I have another event that I need to moderate in just a few minutes but again I took
18:45:25 with humbleness I guess you could say the requests that I I serve as a lead prosecutor chief prosecutor, and I am.
18:45:52 It's a great thing that the international journalists came up with the verdict that they came up guilty on all counts. Thank you very much and I'm gonna turn it back over to Matt and jihad.
18:45:50 Thank you. Thank you dear sister.
18:45:54 So maybe we haven't fully rehearsed this so the three of us have written and spoken a lot together, maybe it makes sense for me to do some, some contextual ization and then further Jihad you bring it to the close you you'd be the cleanup better as we
18:46:10 say in baseball and and and and also take us to visions about where we're going next 2022 2023 and beyond.
18:46:20 But you know it's worth it to start by saying briefly, that we, we talked a lot about the 70 years ago and and Paul Robeson William Paterson and web two boys who was prevented by the US government from participating as fully as they had planned for him
18:46:36 to do.
18:46:37 We talk a lot about el Hajj Malik el Shabazz Minister Malcolm X, and the work of the organization of Afro American unity and the struggles to, to bring the case of human rights abuses against black, Brown and indigenous peoples to the international arena.
18:46:57 I'm going to talk about a couple of other instances from there to now that we stood on the shoulders of and that we understand as historic precedent.
18:47:16 If it's clear to us tactically and strategically as we began organizing for the 2021 international tribunal that in the late 60s and 70s, something called the Russell tribunals, and another similar by that grew out of it called the permanent people's
18:47:26 were fundamental parties that shifted, both public opinion and political work. So, though they were not in any way constituted by governments, and though they were not constitute any official or formal way.
18:47:44 They were independent.
18:47:46 They were peoples based, and they were usually influential at that time Bertrand Russell was was key to one of them.
18:47:55 That's why the name Russell tribunals and they focused on international opinion and an action around us intervention imperialism and involvement in Vietnam and the wars in Southeast Asia, and they definitely played a role in turning some of the tie in
18:48:14 terms of global opinion and in terms of us opinion.
18:48:17 In terms of taking action against the US against the war. It didn't supplement or didn't supplant the leadership of the Vietnamese people themselves who are fighting that war on the front lines, but it did play a role in supporting that fight, and in
18:48:31 creating an international context for that fight. So he understood the use of international bodies and independent tribunals to do the kind of work we're still trying to do now, in 2021 22, and beyond.
18:48:46 We also are aware of the work in 89 9091 around an international tribunal that I have the honor of serving as a deputy organizer of around, political prisoners and prisoners of war in the US.
18:49:01 This is another New York based international independent tribunal coordinated by a Puerto Rican activist intellectual and lawyer doctor least Nieves fall cone.
18:49:12 And we studied very carefully, not only how that tribunal help take the realities of issues of us political prisoners which was not nearly not nearly as well known within the left within the progressive forces before that work in 1990, as after, and how,
18:49:31 especially the Puerto Rican movement, use the verdict has actually been on to free their political prisoners and prisoners of war.
18:49:39 So it was in fact, at the first hearing of the United Nations committee of the colonization. After the release of the last Puerto Rican political prisoner Oscar Lopez revere in the fall of 2017 there Baba seek or dinner.
18:49:59 She had a dual meet myself, Oscar Lopez Rivera, and a few others came together to take this idea that john cream will be speaking later help stir up from inside the walls and Belly of the Beast about putting together a spirit of Mandela tribunal spirit
18:50:18 of Mandela coalition and jihad, and others, push forward the idea of the tribunal itself as a course of action that we began to operationalize this plan.
18:50:33 And really the plan was to find a way of convening an independent body parallel to that, to create a people's coalition like spirit of Mandela.
18:50:44 So that's what we, we ended up doing, and I'll speak a little bit as the chief advisor to the independent panel of jurists and say, part of the vision of calling it spirit of Mandela was to make those key international connections, and those international
18:51:05 connections back to the motherland. Back to the continent, it became clear also that even though Nelson Mandela was the world's most famous political prisoner in modern history.
18:51:16 Although Oscar Lopez Rivera was often called by the heads of state of progressive and radical Latin American countries the Mandela of the Americas, that we wanted to reference back to both Nelson Mandela's my divas vision about how as he said in the nation
18:51:38 had to be judged by the way it treats its prisoners.
18:51:42 By the way it treats its its its most oppressive peoples, that in fact we wanted to take the vision of our beyond Nelson himself. So that, in fact, at a certain point, the original name spirit of Nelson Mandela was shifted to spirit of Mandela generally
18:51:59 at our logo and website and and materials, had pictures of Nelson, as well as when, and not just Winnie but also grace it by some I shall his second wife of Mozambican descent who helped lead the the Front for the Liberation of Mozambique and that liberation
18:52:15 liberation movement, but not even just Nelson and Winnie and brassica, but also the Mandela's of the Americas, for example, Rosa Parks, Ella Baker Fannie Lou Hamer, and all of the Mandela's have this experience here the black the new African experience,
18:52:31 and we could name many, many others but those five of whose faces are on our masthead and on our website. Because Mandela in this sense is a symbolic sense of how to internationalize the work of folk here.
18:52:46 So that's the that's the vision, and because of the Mandela icon, we first went to South Africa, and we're very pleased to have as the chief judge, a former member of parliament, from South Africa Magdalena Tommy, who actually works as a key mediator
18:53:06 within the African Union mechanisms and Magdalene Masami served as Chief Judge, even though she and two other judges were essentially prevented from traveling to the US using various covert protocols we think as a, as a bit of a cover, but she couldn't
18:53:24 be there in person but was working virtually online, to make it possible briefly move through some of the other judges that made up the international panel.
18:53:34 So, people get a sense here. Both of who was involved but of how we constructed this context. So the deputy chief judge was Wilma Reverend for yourself.
18:53:48 Not only is Wilma Korea is also a prominent lawyer in her own country in our own society in Puerto Rico.
18:53:54 But we thought it important in this in this sense, not just to have internationalism understood as something considered by the US is foreign, but you know the US considers Puerto Rico, domestic part of the US territory, also known as a direct Connie,
18:54:17 but we understand Puerto Rico, of course, as an independent nation, and independent peoples. So having a, a Puerto Rican legal scholar and internationally recognized legal expert preside over the colonizer seemed important to us.
18:54:36 And the way we situated Wilmer for years so I should mention that Wilmer Colorado River around that middle name is important because those who know a little something about Puerto Rico, know that that name call Jaso was in fact with Lolita LeBron, one
18:54:52 of the leading Puerto Rican nationalists who took militant action against the US and in fact Oscar Korea so was jurist William Cardozo's, uncle. So there is a direct connection.
18:55:00 I should also say by the way in terms of direct connections that one of the things that South African jurist Maggie Masami did for us. And did for the International world was to bring actually, the daughter of winning and Nelson, to us, by way of an official
18:55:22 international greeting. So in fact the Mandela family again we're not looking necessarily governments or nation states so we're looking at influential people, but we really had the stamp of approval from the Mandela legacy writ large.
18:55:38 The other the seven other independent, a juris included the youngest chairman of the people of the mash p Wampanoag nation within the borders of the US.
18:55:52 Brian Wheaton, is a 25 year old young leader of his people but also a key activist within the international and us Native youth and native peoples.
18:56:07 We had been a nap prom, she's actually a Harvard based scholar, who's from India.
18:56:14 In in Central Asia, but in fact she's also the colonized peoples of India because she represents the peoples of many poor, which like cashmere is is actually oppressed by in colonized by India itself.
18:56:28 We had Wilma. I'm sorry.
18:56:32 We had Vicki Casanova Willis, who's actually us African new african black, black us activist who is the executive director of the US Human Rights Network and past president of the National Conference of black lawyers.
18:56:51 We had Alex Hinton who another us scholar who actually, we had especially because he is the UNESCO chair on genocide prevention so he's one of the the Global Scholars on genocide and framing that question of genocide in the context that we thought were
18:57:12 essential and important for us. And we had, surely Fabry surely is a Haitian activist and scholar who represents the oldest peace and pacifist organization in the world the coalition of of interfaith forces, called the International fellowship of reconciliation,
18:57:35 and she is their representative as a non governmental organization at the United Nations, and I am thinking I'm missing some but that gives us a sense of taste of the international context.
18:57:49 We were very careful to hold in this grouping folks that we thought would be sympathetic to this question, but you'll notice these are not names for the most part of people have a long history of work with political prisoners or work with the black movement
18:58:04 or the new African movement. These are people who could and do represent a certain independent progressive voice globally.
18:58:13 But also we thought would be open to hearing the calls and the information and indeed that's what they did, making their verdict ever more powerful.
18:58:23 There is one particular jurist that I specifically left off, because I want to note and spotlight her now.
18:58:30 Moray for non members trans.
18:58:35 Again, in the middle of her name you'll you'll notice and recognize a familiar name she is friends, finance, daughter.
18:58:41 And the President of the friends for non foundation and as a Parisian activist scholar. She also is part of the permanent people's tribunal that lineage I was talking about before, of groups that.
18:58:57 In fact, I have been doing these kind of tribunal works for many many topics in many many places around the world for many decades, and Murrayfield on and Alex Hinton are the two jurist right now, literally, this week next week.
18:59:12 In the coming weeks, who are taking the two or three page summary verdict and crafting the final verdict, which will be 10 times at length, and with very specific specific citations legal international and and human rights policy law.
18:59:33 And they're doing that, to have a document present not just to the United Nations bodies, of which they are a pod Murrayfield on his former chair of the committee of peoples of African descent at the United Nations, but also to give it to us as a tool
19:00:16 to use. And I'm going to conclude by reading the very beginning of the summary verdict and saying something about our job as I pass it along to
19:00:06 the
19:00:15 show I continue,
19:00:19 continue. Yes. Alright. The I'm wrapping up the, the, the judges began the summary verdict this way.
19:00:29 The fact that the United States has committed an array of human rights abuses against black, brown and indigenous peoples should be as uncontroversial as it is in control vertical.
19:00:45 There's widespread agreement that settler colonialism committed genocide, and other crimes against indigenous populations, while taking their lands. No one would disagree that enslaved Africans were forced to work the settler colonial lands for hundreds
19:01:03 of years. In sub human conditions, the historical record tells the story of additional human rights abuses committed against Mexicans and other groups as the US expanded West and colonize countries like Puerto Rico, no one doubts that Japanese were forced
19:01:21 into concentration camps during World War Two, or that blacks were lynched and brutalized Jim, Jim Crow.
19:01:27 The current president of the United States acknowledges these crimes, his secretary of state, recently confirmed this while stating, and we quote, great nations such as ours.
19:01:41 Do not hide from their shortcomings, they strive to improve their to improve with transparency, close quote.
19:01:51 If laudable such sentiments ring. Hello.
19:01:58 unless met by action.
19:02:02 And so the jurists. He put those words on paper to say to the international bodies to say to the world, and also to say to us that we're not going to wait.
19:02:15 We're not begging anyone certainly not the US certainly not the, the those found guilty, but we're not taking the United Nations, either to take action.
19:02:25 We are going to use these documents, we're going to use these materials as tools to as a coordinator a and a trap brownie mom Jamil al amin said, organize, organize, and organized in an international context that recognize that.
19:02:45 In fact, international bodies that understand the law. In this sense, are in fact affirming what we've known all along what we've claimed all on the genocide has been committed, and continues to be committed.
19:02:59 And that we're not just talking about a cop killing here, or about a bad health care policy around a pandemic there. We're talking about hundreds of years of a continued and ongoing system genocide.
19:03:15 That must be stopped now. And this verdict and this tribunal and this spirit of Mandela coalition structure can help be used as tools, along with the great work of this.
19:03:27 This action network to build the tools and the tactics and the strategies necessary to bring things to a higher level or then so be it inshallah.
19:03:39 Thank you again. Brother Jihad saw yours now.
19:03:52 Yes.
19:03:52 Thank you. I'll come right back and sister and kt tape for
19:03:58 this me learn about mentoring him. 100 Allah.
19:04:03 My name is you had to meet. Also on the coordinating committee of the spirit of Mandela tribe you know initiative.
19:04:09 And I just want to give just a very brief outlook on what's coming very honored to serve in this capacity. Also the chairperson NASSCOM Jericho movement.
19:04:22 Dealing with campaigning to free all political prisoners.
19:04:26 So Matt gave a very excellent overview of the tribe, you know, and for those that were not familiar, you can see all of the work that went involved with this.
19:04:36 We did pick up the baton from 70 years ago. So when we all resonate with recharged genocide you're reading the book we're right here today in your face is what's happening now, this was happening now and on the lips and have all of us and all of our initiatives
19:04:52 and all of our organizations, we can incorporate more more the charge of genocide and diversity, we prove what has already been proven all of us notice, you know, but we had to prove it to a political mass of people in a place called the United States
19:05:09 of America, where the proven legally. We have to prove it politically, not with the rhetoric but just with the cold blooded facts. And we did just that.
19:05:19 Now, all of us now different organizations and now capacities, we can utilize this information to move forward, even in your own trajectories in your organizational missions in dealing with the oppression upon the press people black and brown in addition
19:05:32 as people. We had some very serious outcomes.
19:05:36 This tribunal was very important sisters and brothers cuz it brought everything out on a level whereas just surviving off of what Harriet Tubman allegedly said that she freed 313 slaves and C and D could have freed 1000 more if they only knew there was
19:05:52 a place for this type of initiative brings it educates people.
19:05:59 When we want to do afterwards is several different things, we will be taken into court.
19:06:05 We have a trajectory for that this was not an adversarial process, even though we had to prove it to the American people, black and brown sisters and brothers and sisters but yes we had to prove it to them to the same ones that are not at your table the
19:06:19 same ones as in our families a political not paying attention to what we're doing the same one says our neighbor, called the store clerk. All these people that we now we have information in a different way that we can present to them they will resonate
19:06:32 with them, and it is doing that.
19:06:35 We had over 1000 viewers at the time and many more thousands thereafter, and looking at the tribunal unique about this tribunal as Matt implied is over it was used.
19:06:47 It is a organizing tool.
19:06:48 It wasn't just a group of stellar attorneys in the room.
19:06:52 Surrounding and eta for doing this wonderful work, but it was committees of people building with the input and ideas and organizing around it and after the tribune we still have these committees going on, which I can put in the chat afterwards if anybody's
19:07:06 interested in being on these committees and updating yourself. I'll put the email to send you information to or you can check out the website.
19:07:13 In the spirit spirit of mandela.org, where that information. So, we will be taking it to court, we will be presenting it to the different entities of the government in the United Nations, but we have some long ground work to do.
19:07:28 I would like to see that.
19:07:39 You heard that that's happening all over the place human rights abuses.
19:07:45 You know, but when you say genocide. You know you put the United States government rightfully so in the same category, Adolf Hitler. Now how does that sound right.
19:07:51 It makes it very clear what we talking about in our genocide is invisible eyes This is embarrassing enough we give you a lecture on that, but because it's think he pointed out in the indictment is a slow moving type of genocide, usually genocide, to send
19:08:07 the Hutus you know you just, you know, from this period of time. Matter of fact, a million people killed in three months. I'm a one man people killed in three months.
19:08:17 Right. Several years you know 6 million Jews were killed. No Bosnia Herzegovina, so many hundreds of thousands of Muslims of slaughter. We can quantify, and we chasing down war criminals.
19:08:28 But when you talk about the genocide of black and brown and indigenous people, that was going on since the 1600s up into this very day that's become institutionalized as Matt said it's not just a matter of a cup killing somebody here, or bad policy of
19:08:43 proceed bad policy around the coven 90.
19:08:46 It's not just that it's something that's been institutionalized and totally accepted by society just to itemize an event, making an event, something goes awry, but actually this genocide is ongoing.
19:09:00 We can't see it for what is really happening and you know once you sit back and resonate on the facts of Memphis then it does resonate on what you already know.
19:09:13 And if what you already know it did not come up with equals genocide now you realize that, and I don't think anybody on this call, has a problem, seeing.
19:09:16 Alright, we are calling for people sending, that'd be briefly this.
19:09:22 Brother Lucky.
19:09:23 So,
19:09:26 we have some action cause of action like Matt said it's just not taking a paper document to United Nations and asking them to do something was a very have not been to respond with a nice point impress people black and brown interested people united states
19:09:40 why because United States is a big boy and black United States didn't even pay their dues anyway. You know, so that.
19:09:50 That's it, you know. So, what we have to do is as you're living with the kings, always says we have to be on liberated so we have to effectuate then we can effectuate Gabbert rhetoric.
19:09:59 You know one of the, one of the things has been remiss in our movements, is the actual action and boots on the ground and make things happen. Since the had a recent meeting and Philadelphia with abolitionists Law Center.
19:10:16 And I had a long talk with Chuck with a woman's daughter Rokia number. And one of the things we kept saying to each other, is that we have to know how to fix the potholes.
19:10:28 Now communities. We have to learn how to service the needs of the people have to bring the spirit of the Black Panther Party back into our communities.
19:10:35 Because when you talk about self determination and nothing is done ULUUUR pump you up.
19:10:43 You're fostering a failed initiative. And we're dis educated we are doing a disservice to ourselves. It's best to be quiet.
19:10:51 They're not, then and then to talk is Alyssa what you're saying is best to remain silent thought of food and open your mouth for me move on down.
19:11:00 You feel what I'm saying. So there's just this is saluting everything that we're doing, but the tribunal in the Senate that we're trying to build is an opportunity for us to to network all of our actions.
19:11:12 And we have a timeline for that. Looking at the toxic elections that's coming up in 2024.
19:11:19 We want to have a network establish amongst ourselves sisters and brothers, looking at your beautiful faces on this call each and every one of us to represent organization of formation, some type of activity in the community.
19:11:33 We need to come together in a different type of way we use the word Senate, by the way, you know we didn't use the word black united front or anything of that nature because these initiatives.
19:11:46 While our struggles since a lot of reason for, but they represent in a psychic and minds of people failed initiatives.
19:11:52 That's why it's only two or three people at our meetings, we use the word senate because the masses of people united states can relate, much as they're turned off and know that they're just not doing a service to them, they can relate to United States
19:12:06 Senate, they notice a real entity figures, they may be, they can relate to the House of Representatives important as they may be and not representative of your issues and concerns as they may be, but they know that they're viable entities.
19:12:19 Now we're going to have our people send it.
19:12:21 And we better have that together in a very united way across this country, you know before 2024 years old saying that when two horses fight grass underneath gets trampled.
19:12:32 When you have new reactionary Weiss the premise hard court fighting against the liberals upholding the same system true.
19:12:41 upholding the same system true. And we're not organized on the ground, and we're the ones to get Trump.
19:12:45 So we're going to be calling on everybody to us to come together.
19:12:53 The work that you are doing I'll be playing on this came after this, the work that we're doing in our organizations, we're asking the opportunities to come together at a table to figure out how we can seriously network this can build on the actions that
19:13:03 you are doing to be able to say that we have a people senate of communication. You know representatives in each state, representing geographical Oregon areas in this country.
19:13:16 This is one of the necessary outcomes of this tribunal sisters and brothers, this is what we have to do this is more than just taking a charge to the United Nations, and whatever we have to show to the world we have to show ourselves for our very survival,
19:13:30 that we have to be our own liberated, we have to do this and just try Buddha gave us the legitimacy they really needed it, of course, but I'm talking about into the eyes of the majority of people to see that what we're doing is important it's necessary,
19:13:44 it's valid.
19:13:45 So now we gave all of us. They gave us chance. Another launching pad to leap frog.
19:13:51 And so we're calling for your we're asking for you involvement.
19:13:55 Many of you already involved in the process I Jan and Jericho course no fees political prisoner organization. Many under the National Black Liberation Movement talks.
19:14:07 You know, we already involved in these things already. If you are not we're asking you humbly, not to leave your mission in what you're doing, but to join us in joining this so if you can, if you can dispatch a sister or brother from your own organization
19:14:21 to become part of these meetings.
19:14:23 If you can dispatch somebody to become a part of these meetings to share what you have your ideas, so we can build this thing and really make it work, so that we can really begin to funnel and channel resources, and to our communities and when it even
19:14:36 talks about political prisoners. When we say free opposite. When we make that demand. If we have some teeth to it. That's right now we don't.
19:14:46 Right now we don't say, I think, sister.
19:14:50 Sofia later on if you want me to say something about. I have wanted two things to say about combat Maroon. do you want me to hold on that now or to just get it out the way and I'll be done.
19:15:03 Why don't we, why don't we do that now while we have folks here and okay okay well then now again I will shut my mic down Put my mic, no camera.
19:15:13 Russell Sachs was was captive in 1970 so you know he walked up on 50 years of incarceration, you know, decades of that is solitary confinement.
19:15:26 He was one of the founders of the black unity Council in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I was charged as a cop killing escaped twice, that's where you get the name of room 1977 1980 I believe it was last time you stayed out on the land for a long time everybody
19:15:43 was like, you know, uniform in prison where I was incarcerated at that particular time. No routing human on trying to follow resources wherever you are so we can get out and free, but Maroon represents a class of freedom fighters.
19:16:02 Many of us still is still increasing.
19:16:05 You know he he died he was 78 years old I believe he was home for 52 days.
19:16:11 A lot of there's a lot of campaigning around this initiative to get them out for one compassionate release. But as Malcolm X said how somebody goes about says when you stick a knife 12 inches in my back, and you pull it out six inches.
19:16:28 Justice delayed is justice denied We are so grateful to allow that he came home to his transition monks his family and his comrades, you know, it cannot happen to come out city here cannot happen too soon the other call it a Sunday I'll call it cannot
19:16:45 happen to the tools to core it cannot happen to show McGee, it cannot happen to it point x it cannot happen to Kojo Bomani it cannot happen to Melman Kabir cannot continue to happen.
19:16:56 So let's muster up. And I thank you for the opportunity to present ourselves and results to the tribunal. We invite you, you're involved in moving forward.
19:17:06 And now and now and as I begin without salaam aleikum.
19:17:17 We want to slap back over to Brother Lucky we're gonna try again to get my chambers.
19:17:31 Santos shot the sheriff.
19:18:16 Brown.
19:18:23 Brown.
19:18:26 Brown, calm and collected that profile.
19:18:34 Back down a trap Brown, the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee known to sneak it into the height of the Civil Rights book in the city streets, no justice despite and further Liberty arrested for righteous but not before you heard the cry balances
19:18:48 American is cherry pie, serving as Minister of Justice before the penta partnership in the abruptness organizing against racial attacks on self defense coordination blacks with presidents to set and forth totally gets organized register impacts the young
19:19:09 and passionate, of them will become activists killed by guns savages far from pacifist classroom with racist Nationalist government run by capitalists.
19:19:32 Brown.
19:19:33 Brown, calm and collected, their profile.
19:19:46 back down a trap Brown.
19:19:43 Brown shop.
19:19:46 Nowhere needed no questions why just to survive decided it was best the high ot lay low, obviously, regroup and retool possibly a year later shootout with NYPD arrested convicted attempted robbery upstate an advocate for five years I guess the time he'll
19:20:07 Gets the time he'll get his mind clear. He said the revolutionary pioneer came home strong would be fine ideas converted to Islam, only his do rap brown not eat Mangia meal, our move to Atlanta, new one to see nope in the grocery store, community clean
19:20:37 crowd comment.
19:20:37 Bank
19:20:40 profile
19:20:42 back down for a wedding, a trap brand,
19:20:49 serving the Lord of failure to appear to was supposedly deputies will leave in his place. He was headed home they meet him face to face, to come along was dead from the hospital bed mumbled and said to me, I mean the government lives captured in Alabama
19:21:06 on the run fled still in possession or the murder weapon body on the dresser for further protection to Alibaba we're about, whereas question charged and convicted know birds and fish.
19:21:20 Sentence right nope below 24 hours blog site you know whole 20 years later hope, try to turn in the light bearers keep fire burning in the soul.
19:21:34 crown comment.
19:21:37 Fan gone back down, or step away, a trap brown,
19:21:43 Brown
19:21:46 bag and walk back down a trap Brown.
19:22:24 We finally got it.
19:22:27 Thank you, that was my chambers, really effective when we have the video and hopefully next time around we will have the video a week with Santos in the news lacking.
19:22:42 Or should we move on,
19:22:49 I missed the last part of which says this should be a week with Santos in the news.
19:22:57 Yes we can run Santos in the news right now here we go.
19:23:13 Well,
19:23:13 I know that.
19:23:22 Jimmy did not shoot any police officers. That night, would you put your hand on the Quran and said, Yes, so I would, Would you take your life. Yes sir, I will.
19:23:29 All right, isn't it true that during that incarceration you contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation and told them that you had committed a murder, and were involved in a shooting have a cop in March of 2000 Atlanta, Georgia.
19:23:42 Yes, you did. Yes. All right. And you couldn't know because you were in prison in Nevada right No sir, I got out of prison in 2000 in February I was on house arrest when the murder took place, you might want to check that out on house arrest I'm staying
19:23:58 standing at 23 at Jonathan's street Southwest Atlanta. You just said that you were incarcerated in Las Vegas in 1997, through December of 2000, I went back to prison after that shoot and I was violated and sent back to prison after the polish.
19:24:16 That's why I say as VP by my name just parole violation.
19:24:23 If you look at the photo that says BP beside my number, everything is growing. By the way, because you went back to prison. Exactly I violated after the shooting.
19:24:34 You were interviewed by the title Bureau of Investigations for that out there, Nevada prison for July, yeah so that year. Yes, sir. And he ruled you out and said you did not commit that murder in Las Vegas correct.
19:24:47 I don't know when that murder in Atlanta. I have no idea what is concluded more sir. All right, you weren't arrested for or you know so I was in fact another person was tried and convicted Jamila me Yes sir, I was shot.
19:25:19 someone shot,
19:25:22 shot.
19:25:51 murder.
19:26:18 Confession was
19:26:18 a trap Brown.
19:27:16 La la la Santa shot.
19:27:12 Sean.
19:27:16 why
19:27:39 Way
19:27:34 to find.
19:28:10 Bye.
19:28:10 Bye.
19:28:16 Bye.
19:28:27 Bye.
19:28:21 Bye.
19:28:46 Finally.
19:28:34 Finally, justice, get me,
19:28:53 bro.
19:29:04 To be found. Why, why.
19:29:24 Hey,
19:29:39 Guys, Dr.
19:29:36 Santos Shaka share our
19:29:40 culture is a part of struggle.
19:29:44 Culture helps build spirit.
19:29:47 And in this case, fill in the spirit and campaign a female political prisoners for any man's million square Brown.
19:29:54 We want to step forward.
19:29:59 Julio Muto came.
19:30:16 The organizer strategist founder motivator of the spirit of Mandela international tribunal.
19:30:16 For the gym Leo,
19:30:25 We are humbled to
19:30:31 serve almost 50 years.
19:30:34 The gulags of the United States.
19:30:37 And so, we find it
19:30:42 there representing the inside.
19:30:51 acting
19:30:52 like to
19:30:55 read the two lucky world.
19:31:02 And I do not know what to speak about today.
19:31:07 I just want to share a few ideas. First of all, we need to give great
19:31:15 appreciation to build your head, and to Matt Myers and Seiko Odinga, and two brothers, who was involved with sure that I did I originally came up with for try bureau expanded and evolved and bring it towards the issues of genocide.
19:31:40 It's really important that we know that this work going on for the last three years, not only a question of understanding the showrunner we have engagement today.
19:31:53 But when we try and do ensure the survival of our people, our children, grandchildren.
19:32:00 The issue for which we are moving forward, of course, as jack laid out, is to build this people send it is a human employee, and why is important because the white supremacy right wing forces in this country.
19:32:18 And that will remove the building and establishing an organizing themselves for 2024.
19:32:27 We should not have any doubt about the intent.
19:32:34 At least 70 million voted for Trump.
19:32:43 the white supremacist.
19:32:45 As we will know the country is the white suppose country, a very active and build a condition from which they can essentially.
19:32:57 Go country.
19:33:00 Right. and I've been doing this for some time now.
19:33:04 Steve Bannon as an example.
19:33:06 What overseas to rally up yc premises over there.
19:33:11 Right, as part of processes to internationalize within 10 intent is a domestic level.
19:33:19 We need to understand that.
19:33:22 Right.
19:33:30 It is crucial for us to know that 544 billionaires controls.
19:33:36 $2.6999. trillion,
19:33:43 all the wealth of Western Europe in control of 544 being as United States.
19:33:52 We believe that we live in a democracy or have been alluded or have been deluded to believe that we live in a democracy when in fact it is a plutocracy rituals.
19:34:03 Right. And we, we say that we say we understand that but we don't really take note of the fact that there's 330 million people in this country.
19:34:15 And we permit ourselves to be ruled double by 544.
19:34:22 That's the, the kind of indoctrination.
19:34:29 We have suffered in this country under the idea of capitalism.
19:34:33 This form of government.
19:34:37 And also important to take note of the fact that the United States, I think as one would say there's cooperation.
19:34:46 When there's nuance in terms of function as a corporation, how does a corporation determines what is the purpose of a corporation, what is the main objective for Corporation.
19:34:58 Three profits.
19:35:01 So we find that the majority of us majority people in this country, a wage slave laborers.
19:35:08 And the system where you have 544 people who are wealth to the detriment of majority have was fighting over the crumbs.
19:35:21 So for us, it's time to put into it.
19:35:27 Then put into it, not on a national but on the international as well, why the people around the world are waiting for us to get up up up behind, do we need to do.
19:35:38 Modifications was stated that United States is the greatest purveyor of violence in the world.
19:35:45 And that's the person that they gave a national celebration to.
19:35:51 He says United States the greatest purveyor of violence in the world, which means that we don't talk about people in America. Right.
19:36:02 Yes sir, cuz I've text you, and
19:36:09 good.
19:36:11 Yes, sir. you may continue.
19:36:17 So
19:36:21 for us it is extremely important that we come to a realization that due to our complicity.
19:36:28 I silence, people around the world have suffered particularly African colonization neutralization right the ripping and destroying of land.
19:36:42 Joseph was also the United States, minute manipulations, and make connections without the world.
19:36:52 And so for us.
19:37:10 I'm moving forward. Those people as soon as create an alternative the what is the right to create a new idea of how we to be government should be governed on it's going to be governed by those who are seeking independence.
19:37:12 To create a condition by which we really find a means by which we can do so understand now.
19:37:21 In preparation 2024.
19:37:24 We have to be fair to their armed.
19:37:28 Right.
19:37:31 So for us, again the people said it is important to build a base from which we can survive
19:37:40 and build the business we can build the end of us imperialism.
19:37:46 This, this madness. This is death throes of a system has come to an end.
19:37:56 Right. I mean I said people run away for people here in the studio.
19:38:01 Right.
19:38:02 And for us, the Senate is one way that we can possibly move towards the kind of international international solidarity, we need to have in order to win, or to survive.
19:38:14 And keep in mind this is the first time, the wife was will be played a wife of fight wife will fight against white folks. Remember civil war that we're having to work right.
19:38:24 Why do you play no white flight we were fighting, just white people what to do by black people.
19:38:31 Very simple.
19:38:33 Right. Love gets us out what to do about black people.
19:38:36 And the laws that came in as a result of all of that very similarly we don't find these conditions coming into 2024.
19:38:50 We should be prepared for it.
19:38:50 And he says means when we get prepared.
19:38:56 So I think that something's important something to think about. Right. What is important, what has been achieved with the tribunal.
19:39:07 And looking ahead the future focus. Right.
19:39:14 We need began to prepare.
19:39:17 Move offensively instead of defensively.
19:39:20 Right. We were strategy instead of episodically.
19:39:25 And people said it is a mechanism by which we can do that.
19:39:36 Again, as often as we are.
19:39:36 And we don't integrate us. no one knows well.
19:39:40 Right. It's time to get ready, get organized as as nice as a slowly come up with ne like to go out to me, always told us to do, what, organize, organize, organize,
19:39:57 I'm thankful this time below the Sisters of God. Yeah.
19:40:02 That's what I want to
19:40:07 thank you, brother. Thank you.
19:40:11 Right now we're going to go back.
19:40:17 Um, police killing white
19:40:28 brothers.
19:40:25 First, we're going to hear from brother Malachi Askari and other members of Ubuntu organization who traveled to the ugly case.
19:40:39 And were present as people were demonstrating outside as well as observing in the court will follow that, about us from justice.
19:40:52 Columbus, Georgia and struggle that is folks out in the streets today.
19:40:58 Well, industries yesterday entity.
19:41:01 And, and then we'll follow that with the report from sisters who will be calling by phone, and I'll have to do that the old fashioned way of holding the phone up, they're not able to connect in.
19:41:20 So we'll be preparing that while the statement for justice for GA.
19:41:22 So we like to open the mic up for brother militia Askari molesting.
19:41:28 Thank you. So I'm like I'm free land. And if you would also unmute Deseret whitfill.
19:41:34 So, I'm Deseret was there for the whole week for the Justice Farmar Arbor week which is October 16 of 23rd.
19:41:44 She's went to organizes with the transformative Justice Coalition.
19:41:50 So she was at whole week, the first week, I was there for three days. And I also came back.
19:41:58 When the ministers came down. So I'm gonna read Deseret talk about the week that she was there, and the events of that week.
19:42:12 Yeah, the wind, just wants to give you a, an update about the history making week that we had in Brunswick, and Brunswick Georgia. I took a bus from for Pennsylvania and New York, down to
19:42:33 down to Brunswick, Georgia. When we got down there, we got down here the first week of while they were picking the jury. The reason that we travel down there transformative Justice Coalition, and one of his partners, which is the Reverend Jesse Jackson
19:42:51 and other partners sponsor buses from around the world to come to Brunswick, we went down there for three reasons. Number one to make a change. Number two, to support the family, and number three to love our family to let them know that we are not alone.
19:43:10 A lot It was a young African American man who just wanted to go on his normal his normal morning run.
19:43:23 And it was so important that we went down there because on a news they told you that he ran in a gated community, and he was out of his name so far out of his neighborhood and this community was where rich people live, but when we got down here, not only
19:43:40 every day. We stayed on Jekyll Island which is actually our island because it's, it's right next door to where the last slave ship boarding slaves, you know, to United States, and we stayed at Jacko Allen and every day we went to the courthouse, to support
19:43:58 the family and the Mother, the father to assist you know all of them was with us every day. And we went to the courthouse we did not protest, we you know we rallied to make it known that this was unacceptable for these to take his life, we not only rally,
19:44:21 but before we got there the neighborhood was they were afraid to speak up.
19:44:29 So we not only rally at the courthouse every day but I did numerous.
19:44:35 I did numerous interviews you know for every news station in every you know media outlet there was, you know the reason why you know I stopped my life to come down to support this, because this was history making, I knew the day that I went down the I
19:44:51 had no doubt about it, that we weren't going to get a guilty guilty guilty verdict.
19:44:57 And our week that we were down there.
19:45:04 Every day, after going to the, the, after being at the courthouse. We broke for lunch, where we had lunch with the RB family. And we also rally, and we might within the, the neighborhood, and you know to let the people know, it's okay.
19:45:20 Your voice can be heard. So, you know, we were the non days that we spent down near the first nine days and we spent down here. We really let you know Brunswick Georgia know that just because we were from Pennsylvania and all around the world.
19:45:35 This was unacceptable and we wasn't going to, you know, stand up until justice justice was served, and the evenings every evening we had the Jekyll Island Convention Center.
19:45:47 So we have forums, the first day we learned about who am I, rb was you know what was his favorite color, you know, why did he like running, um, you know what was his dreams and aspirations because we knew that this African American man and his death was
19:46:03 going to change the world. The second day after the jury selection we had a panel with attorney Ben Crump and we have black voters matter. It was so many people that came, you know in state you know in Stay with us.
19:46:20 You know, and talk to us, so that you know they can explain what the jury was doing because some of us were allowed to go when because there was only you know a certain amount, and that first week, those first couple days, they actually bought lawsuits
19:46:36 against petitions against us, we were, we were,
19:46:42 we were standing on our first, you know, a member right freedom of speech, and they tried to say that we were a problem down there because, you know, when attorney was his name Sharpton and the rest of them, and Reverend Jesse Jackson you know was down
19:47:00 there with us. Then, because, because we were there because Dr. Barbara online. This is her dream. And because we all know that without our voice, our vote, we cannot change.
19:47:13 And the one thing that I want people to take away from this is, it was a my Arby's mother in her bereavement she got on her computer, and she, she did her own investigation, and she learned who these people were and see her self, organize a her own voter
19:47:34 registration to vote out the. What is her name Jackie, you know that, you know, the one that was the district attorney, then they put on a second district attorney, and she did her investigation to learn that he also had some connections so she was able
19:47:51 to get him out. But one thing that you know everyone in this world should learn that our voice matters. Voting if we don't have, you know, our voting rights.
19:48:02 That's why we are so adamant about getting the, the download with voting rights Advancement Act and the right, the you know the other Act passed, because we know that without our voice, and our vote that things can't change it was both a happy moment,
19:48:23 and it was, it was happy than it was saying it was up and then it was down when we were led by the shares and the police and those to the, to the actual site where it happened.
19:48:38 It wasn't a gated community, as was reported by the news.
19:48:42 The way that they said that he was running, everything that they said in those police reports, you know, before that.
19:48:53 That video was released was you know what's false. So from us going to the crime scene, a minute Arby's blood was still on the street, and we actually went to the house in which they said he broken, you cannot break in a house that is already open there
19:49:10 was nothing for him to break in, you know, all of us, you know when we see something under construction. We want to see what the granted is going to look like.
19:49:19 So from US government down there from us, taking the time out of our busy schedules to go down there.
19:49:26 This case was able to get national recognition. And I truly believe that's why we got the guilty guilty guilty verdict because they could not, they could not justify, they could not hide anything because we weren't we stood there, you know, staying on,
19:50:02 standing on our vote on right standing on our right, our freedom to you know you know to speech to speak to make sure that this family, you know, got the justice that they receive my business is de la MC Corporation, and it's two aspects of my business.
19:50:04 I'm also preparing for law school. So, you know, just this is my passion, one part of my business is to help people obtain their visions and dreams, whatever it is, which is more in a consulting part.
19:50:17 And the other part is finding injustice. So I traveled, wherever I need to be whether it's ga or Virginia when they were doing their election or if it's in Georgia with, you know, helping the senators get, you know, get elected wherever you know Washington
19:50:34 DC, I was in Washington DC a couple of days ago with the great Bishop Barbara, you know, fighting for injustice fighting for voting rights, so you know whatever I can do in my next week of action is.
19:50:49 On January, the sixth.
19:50:52 We are having they're having throughout the world. They are asking everybody from every state to have a January six candlelight visual for democracy, because this is what democracy looks like, and I am the host for Pennsylvania which is going to be in
19:51:08 Philadelphia at the municipal services building. So if anybody is on this line that is close to Philadelphia, or in Pennsylvania, or, you know, wherever who would like to contact me.
19:51:19 My name is Deseret la whitfill My business is de la MC Corp. And my email is de la shift 2020 at gmail.com. If you are serious about about fighting injustice and standing on the shoulders of our ancestors, then I will be happy to, you know, to connect
19:51:46 with you. Thank you and thank you all.
19:51:51 I think those are a basic covered everything that happened that week.
19:51:54 Thanks Deseret.
19:51:57 Thank you.
19:52:07 Melissa Do you have any closing words.
19:52:10 No, she basically she covered everything I came back also for the week that the ministers that came down.
19:52:19 Three weeks later, where they talked about their ministers being a distraction. One of the things that also happened.
19:52:25 When we first came down there doing the first week.
19:52:29 There's a lot of still submit expansions out of the parking lot because they really respect and like a riot.
19:52:34 They ended up moving out of the way.
19:52:37 But when we came back you know with the ministers.
19:52:40 There was a lot of support from the community, I mean it's really a beautiful sight I mean, you know, young, old, cheering us on if we march, I think it's probably about 700 people marching.
19:52:52 And also, young folks, they had they open up one of the, I guess one of the kindergartens was out there. Also as went by and they was cheering us on as we march through there.
19:53:02 So it was it was really a good event. I think the community and got braver as the whole thing went on because I think that they was, they kind of felt like they didn't know what was going to happen with everybody coming in and, and then leaving them there.
19:53:17 But, like Ray said you know in the end, it was a it was a victory justice prevail.
19:53:32 Thank you, Melissa Faye where we appreciative of folks who are taking their time and traveling down this some what the people do.
19:53:43 Um, I want to shift over to brother like him, reading the statement from justice for Georgia. And we've had to Kenosha folks online we keep our line keeps dropping so we're going to keep trying them, and hopefully we'll get them on Tom lucky.
19:54:01 If we could just go ahead and do a musical segment really briefly, and then get into that response from justice for Georgia, if that's all right with two.
19:54:29 So really briefly this, the previous a song, and this one.
19:54:37 Were both written by the last Sunday I'll be. And this one.
19:54:46 Hey.
19:54:48 Hey. Hey Paul Hey Fanny is performed performed by his daughter.
19:54:56 And it's in the chat and I forget which daughter, it is. So please forgive me, and I'll give you the and I'll give you the answer.
19:55:04 But let's go ahead and get into it. So, Here we go.
19:55:11 Hey, Paul.
19:57:56 Well, Paul is gone and we still saying hey Fanny dude, do the right thing. Hey Fanny do the right thing. You have the power to really see mom. Hey Fanny do the right thing.
19:58:13 some more of the report backs. We want to report also the assistant Tonya McLean of the leaders of Kenosha, a black community organization in Kenosha has been trying to connect with us we had her, and then call dropped and she's been trying to call back
19:58:28 so we hope that we will be able to connect her in later on in the program.
19:58:35 We want to right now go back to go up to Philly with sister filet to new so she or q&a Sue, she is with the million woman March.
19:58:50 We charge genocide.
19:58:53 And so I want to bring filet up.
19:58:56 Sister. Sister Dr. Phil he and nasal filet
19:59:10 knocking.
19:59:15 Give it a second I've been clicking it for
19:59:20 family My apologies. I am just leaving an event. And I need me, and I need another 10 minutes.
19:59:33 Okay, good.
19:59:36 We'll flip over to public health.
19:59:46 Whether you want
19:59:45 The one is dr Winston coquet Patterson co founder of the African Holistic Health Association and the acupuncture detox collective.
19:59:56 I've not seen them on the end zone thus far.
20:00:02 Okay.
20:00:04 All right. Well, then we'll go to environmental racism system Nyima Mohammed is co director of the North Carolina Environmental Justice Network, a longtime resident of Philadelphia but living in her hometown of Rocky Mountain North Carolina, where she's
20:00:24 been up and down the road of eastern North Carolina, dealing,
20:00:32 the filth of industrial waste industrial Hog Farm waste they're more hogs, in eastern North Carolina than there are people, but she's been telling that story and dealing with the injustices of environmental racism fighting for environmental justice both
20:00:51 at the local, regional, state, and international levels. So I'd like to introduce Nyima Mohammed.
20:01:01 Good evening. Can you can you hear me.
20:01:04 Yes we can.
20:01:08 Good evening. Manny, and Southeast Asia stated, I am not Mr. Mohammed, with the North Carolina. Environmental Justice Network. We are a statewide organization working with communities that are living with industrial waste, as well as
20:01:26 waste management wave. And, as always putting the truth of the matter is, we live in with everything and white people don't want in their backyard. You can find it in eastern North Carolina.
20:01:40 For the last three decades, and we've been dealing with industrial agriculture, where all of a sudden they decided they want to raise animals in massive numbers, producing them in massive numbers in North Carolina, we have a little over 9 million P.
20:02:02 And the majority of those pigs are in eastern North Carolina, sitting in predominantly African American, Native American indigenous community.
20:02:17 Death week term environmental racism. And as a matter of fact, the beginning of environmental movement in North Carolina started in Warren County in the African American community and Warren County, North Carolina, call Aston and, and then damn the African
20:02:40 American, Asian Asian community agent AGI anti aging community where the state of North Carolina in 1982, the state of North Carolina has allowed this company to spray 200 pounds of PCBs along the roadways in North Carolina.
20:02:58 They discovered that it was constant Janet, and as an ordered it to be cleaned up. In order to be cleaned up they need a place to put it in the only place in this big old state and local and that Laker fan, was this African American community to go after
20:03:15 in one county.
20:03:16 And when people in one county heard that they were bringing this to their community, they begin to protest and fight back against this PC between put in a landfill in their community because of all the health effect.
20:03:34 The effect on it, and they wanted in quality of life.
20:03:39 They fought they lay down in the roadway, to prevent the truck from coming in on the protest protest the daily plan, they had over 500 arrest. but people continue to play.
20:03:54 And they fought, and they they bought and they bought and they lay down, but they were not able to stop the state from opening this landfill in the community at this particular time, the land that has been closed, and it has been determined that it's
20:04:13 The land has been closed, and it has been determined and it's a super fun site in the community, still suffering the effects of having how that land still on the health effects are still going on with people getting sick and dying and all of that explosion.
20:04:42 And then back to. So that was the beginning and environmental movement in North Carolina. At that time, I'm outside of Warren County, people didn't really know, and the black community didn't really know about environmental justice, and just let me know
20:04:53 know what it was because it was not a conversation that was being had in our communities. As a result, you know, we found that when we begin to pay attention and learn about environmental problems.
20:05:08 We have all of this dirty waste waste incinerators landfills, industrial agriculture coal ash.
20:05:19 You name it, It is in our communities. And the sad part of it is is that we are also in eastern North Carolina is the floodplains, North Carolina, or North Carolina.
20:05:33 So, just with that idea. All this dirty industry should not be sitting in the club planes enough canal, but, but it's here. And every time there's a flood.
20:05:58 People have place with trying to navigate the waters that animal waste coal ash human waste on stuff that spill out of the landfill, everything in our community to get flushed down in the water, and people are having to navigate through that, to try to
20:06:03 get the same thing.
20:06:05 Then majority of the communities in East Grand have very weak infrastructures, so we don't have the infrastructures that are designed to get people on a home way that you had to try to find your way out on your own, which then exploded people even more
20:06:24 to the dirty industries that's sitting in our communities.
20:06:30 There have been many health that is done by the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, led by Dr. Steve when he was a phenomenal researcher for empowerment for environmental justice, and he during his lifetime.
20:06:48 he all his research was addressing environmental racism addressing happen people living in eastern Colorado, understand what are the health effects of living with industrial agriculture was the health effects the living with the landfill waste incinerators
20:07:06 coal ash on the things that are named, and we were able to document the health impact that people were experiencing as a result of all this dirty weeks.
20:07:20 And then, in, In 2004, we have 500 citizens in eastern North Carolina. The pilot class action lawsuit against the poor industry who have to lift will as a matter of fact, who's the owner, a time was the owner of the 9 million pigs in North Carolina.
20:07:44 I'm in, when they found a loss and they found that because of the health effects of living with the animal feminine things that happen to people is that they have a lot of upper respiratory problems.
20:08:01 A lot of elevated blood pressure stress, anger, heart and
20:08:09 I'm killed and what high rates of asthma being on more medication this and more time out of school, people not being able to sleep at night because of the big trucks come into turn into the path in the community, black and bright light green into people's
20:08:25 home waking them up in the middle of the night of people are not able to drink their water most of these communities will own well water. They were unable to drink the water because they begin to see the changes in their water.
20:08:40 And this oldest in the water. And so they were afraid to drink the water so they begin having to buy bottled water, land one lady that saw an article in a newspaper that said you can get your water tested for free.
20:08:53 So she called again on water tested, and the.
20:08:58 Someone came out from the University of Wilmington to at Chapman University of North Carolina Wilmington North Carolina to to test the water. They took work on inside our home water from the well and they took it back to the lab, and when they tested
20:09:16 the water, she got a certified.
20:09:32 Don't drink your water don't wash with it don't cook with it. And if you have an animals don't let them drink the water, and she had dogs, and her dog had puppies. And she in within three months and she found all of our animals, the because they had been
20:09:37 drinking the water out of the ditches run alongside her house and they all died, they were babies when they died.
20:09:48 And she began, you know, not being able to use a one a ham in the bottom of wanting to do everything that she needs to do because they told obey with anything to have water was really completely useless.
20:10:04 And it was so these are the kinds of things that people find a class action lawsuit against Phil was because of what we call the nuances of living with these industrial animals, and they grow the federal courts except that the class action lawsuit in
20:10:27 2016, and they broke the 500 people up in the 26 group. And they would you reach out and so the first via trial with with the court in April of 2016.
20:10:37 After after telling the stories of what was happening to them how to help with being an impact Hello, they were unable to drink their water, unable to breathe clean air, until they had negotiate with the app I want to go outside and open my door just
20:10:55 to live in the city was not as thinking is not thinking I rush out to do what I have to do that and get back game with water, overcome, because once they overcome you really don't want to be out there, because people would come talk about having getting
20:11:13 headaches that are burned and no run. They gag they throw up because the old was so bad.
20:11:20 Um, And so these are some of the nuances and just they're not being able to enjoy their quality of life their property value going way down because of the dirtiness of what was around them.
20:11:33 Nobody wants to buy into that fabric on anybody in their right mind would not buy anything in those neighborhoods, be living near to be around of, and so the 500, the first five cases went to trial.
20:11:48 They as I stated they were jury trials.
20:11:53 And at the all the evidence was presented for the claimant. The at the end of the Kiran, the jury went out and came back with birds in favor the claim that they, they stated that each claim that should receive $75,000 for compensatory damages and 5 million
20:12:13 punitive damages Smithfield course appeal those cases.
20:12:23 But they go, and the in a seven, the remaining 21 group that were due to be heard, rather than go to trial. But the jury clearly stated to us what that say, with a jury trial jury burden, a clearly stated that Mr.
20:12:50 was really infringing on the communities, was no abuse it was the communities in there, in, in raising their animals, and they could have done different they had opportunity to do different, they chose not to do different.
20:13:09 And, and the other problem with these animals like an for example of how many are in a community live to their to communities in eastern North Carolina.
20:13:17 There's been declared number one and number two, and Hall production in the country, not just in Atlanta, but in the country do Britain, Canada has about 2.2 million p equate to about 45 animals per person in the county and their neighboring county Sampson
20:13:36 county has about 2 million pig, which equates to about 32 pigs per person in that county. And though they are number one and two in the country. The top 10 home producing country counties in the eastern North Carolina.
20:13:54 And so, a whole lot of animals with a whole lot of ways. Each pig produce seven times the amount of waste that a human produced daily. And so these, these 9 million pig producer like about 19 million tons of waste annually, that's going into, into the
20:14:19 groundwater seeping into our rivers and streams. You know just wreak havoc on community people live in the event. We partner with the water cave within the river keepers the local and they are monitoring all the rivers and streams and they are documenting
20:14:33 the impact on the rivers and streams, which shows a tremendous amount of the big waves in our waterways, and we have a lot of hours and boom, a lot of fish killed because of this animal waste being done, you know, running off into our waterways and stuff.
20:14:52 And so these are the issues that we're dealing with.
20:14:58 And, you know, so, as I stated, I mean we declare environment and racism because we feel like the, the way the decisions are made in this state, our state legislators and our regulatory agency, the Department of Environmental Quality good give no consideration
20:15:31 for environmental injustice they give no consideration for cumulative impact, no consideration for title six, or the evil in 1994, Executive Order 12 898 the bill clinton page, which stated that any government agencies doing business needed to consider
20:15:43 cumulative impact and disproportionate impact on low income communities of color, and that's been completely ignored because every time I energy of plan for something in North Carolina, and in eastern North Carolina, those agencies do not look at what's
20:16:03 already in these communities, you know like we always have when the hell is enough enough, you know, and so why do you keep dumping this tip here is, is now people are feeling about it.
20:16:17 Um, but that's. Anyway, I don't know how much time I had nobody told me so I'm gonna stop right there in case anybody have any questions.
20:16:26 And I hope it was clear I'm talking fast and my brain is running real fast, trying to get it all in. It's a long story in the long history of environmental racism in North Carolina and.
20:16:42 So we take this time to not only thank Nyima, but also remind all presenters. There we are trying to organize our this this program so that folks have questions, and want that they want to present.
20:17:01 We will be holding that at the end.
20:17:04 Please be ready to give your contact information.
20:17:10 And we put that in the chat. And so that people can connect with you, we are encouraging all folks who are watching if you're not part of an organization to connect with one of the ones who have given presentations today.
20:17:26 On one view to move over to Brother lacking.
20:17:31 We get some more spoken word.
20:17:34 And then the justice for Georgia statement. And then I believe we'll go back to sister feeling lucky.
20:17:49 Bear with me for a moment.
20:19:46 Cho colors.
20:19:40 This is.
20:19:40 I'm going to show you what it means.
20:21:13 So that last song was a welcome, you're a Wimborne and the previous song was performed by a fanny Hey Paul Hey Fanny was performed by a doctor assigned to us when the alley and written by Bob allow some of the early and moving forward.
20:21:36 We have a statement from justice for Georgia, who is presently in in Columbus, Georgia, organizing a two day.
20:21:52 March and demonstration motorcade rallies and so forth.
20:21:53 Around the case specifically the case of justice for Jarvis lights who was slain by a slain in Columbus, Georgia by a Georgia State Trooper as he was.
20:22:09 Has he had his back son was reaching for his phone. Officer turned his cameras off the lot of the typical things that that take place.
20:22:16 The, a lot of the typical things that that take place. When the police murder us took place in this case, and this happened in 2017 and the officer was actually given a war of water valid.
20:22:29 After for basically for murdering job, Scotty likes. And so, a mama Scott lights, and, and some other mothers of son slain Kendrick Johnson, and
20:22:49 some others were present at the demonstration I got to be a part of demonstration yesterday, um but justice for Georgia focuses on on any police brutality police murders and calling for justice against a White Terror.
20:23:16 In the state of Georgia, Georgia is one of the leading state in the country, in regards to police murder. And now the judge the GB at a job with a bunch of your investigation actually reports.
20:23:19 When the police murder someone they put it up publicly, they don't say the outcomes of it but they put up publicly that it has happened.
20:23:28 So they send a statement.
20:23:32 Since they're here. Completing the second day and of the demonstration I'll go ahead and read the statement from Bridget Jones to Cora, and justice for Georgia and the statement reads injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
20:23:49 This nation has an injustice problem and we must do better. Justice for Georgia stands against police brutality and white supremacy.
20:23:58 We have lost so many to the, to the outdated and hateful viewpoint of discrimination. We must get involved in holding one another up and being there for one another.
20:24:07 We must liberate and stand with one another, because this fight takes all of us. And that is the completion of a statement, and that statement resonates with what has been said previously, and I will share information for justice for ga in the chat but
20:24:22 but they stay on the ground they stay in fall and stay connected with the imaginary Action Network as well. And so with that, we are still pass it back to use this issue for you.
20:24:39 All right, we're going to try to get sister free labor.
20:24:44 Try that again.
20:24:46 And I believe brother K is going to follow her.
20:24:50 Um, is going to follow her and dealing with public health is Wk on the I've just talked to him.
20:25:00 He's trying to get in.
20:25:08 Greetings. Greetings. Can you hear me.
20:25:10 We can hear you.
20:25:12 Greetings to everyone, and thank you for inviting me to this session, my apologies we were supposed to end our.
20:25:21 We had an event earlier today if we pre Kwanzaa, but also one of our teaching speak out to just leaving some actually in transit I want to share with you a PowerPoint that I've prepared for you but unfortunately I'm literally in the car right now so I'm
20:25:39 just gonna have to give you some of the verbal stuff said okay, Go for it. All right, good. Thanks again. Thank you, the organization I jam for this invitation and big shout out to my elder Baba.
20:25:57 Ali, who has been advising us for the past four years. In particular, we started this project, and this, I'm talking about is the we charge genocide 21.
20:26:08 I always have to specify that because as everyone knows there's certainly many are several other, we tried genocide kinds of initiatives. Yesterday, of course, commemorated the 70th year anniversary of the great Paul Robeson I'm based in Philly.
20:26:25 And so for the past four years we were literally holding meetings at the Paul Robeson house here in Philadelphia, up until the point of coven, we had to discontinue, but we've been organizing the we trust inside 21 project since the 20 year anniversary
20:26:42 of the historic million woman March, it became one of our initiatives. We knew that we had to move our movement forward as the million woman March, developing into the universal movements of the million woman March.
20:26:58 For those that don't know, we still are the largest gathering in the world of any women anywhere ever, and we started from the grass roots, through the glass ceiling.
20:27:08 We've never had any corporate sponsoring nor have we had a, you know, any kind of government grants or anything of that nature. So we demonstrated the ideals and the principles of self determination at the gate, and we've continued that for 24 years.
20:27:25 Again, in 2017, we launched a national campaign that not only encompassed, our particular platform which had 10 platform agendas on it. We knew that we had to make certain that the masses of the people, and that all of our people knew that our mission
20:27:55 was not just about our women and girls of course that was a primary, but it was always our family, our people.
20:27:55 We knew that we had to sure what that is okay, we knew that we had to you know make sure that people understood that we were not coming from a feminist position and yes I said that because that was some excuses that we were getting when it came to people
20:28:12 supporting again it was always about our family. And so, in 2013 we started the
20:28:22 program, or initiative that project encompasses 21 areas of crimes against humanity. So we looked at the work of Paul Robeson William Paterson, Queen Mother more.
20:28:36 And of course, prior to that, with the idea of ex slave compensation we of course study the work of mother Kelly house we call her st Kelly house because we knew that we had to combine these pieces to really move things forward into the 21st century.
20:28:56 Hence, we chose genocide 21.
20:28:59 So we have 21 areas, of course, our political prisoners was always on our agenda and 1997, of course as a pm Africa sister Ramona Africa spoke at the million woman, March, we made certain that the issue of our political prisoners was a part of what we
20:29:17 were talking about 24 years ago. We also had a message that was read that was given to us and it was read in English and in Spanish from sister Assad.
20:29:38 This again was at the million woman, March, so again we have shown consistency and making certain that the issue of political prisoners and prisoners of war, that, that their plight is our flight, and that we will continue to fight for them.
20:29:51 Again, and moving forward, it's been 40 years for Mumia, of course, we give our love and blessings to the family Ababa Russell Maroon shorts again I'm here in Philly.
20:30:02 But again with the which is genocide.
20:30:05 One of our campaigns, is to take the first million signatures to the United Nations we had wanted to do it this year, and the 17 year commemoration However, with call that we had to readjust our schedule.
20:30:20 So we're looking to do it next year as a part of our 25 year anniversary of the million woman March so again our present campaign includes this the of what we have is called a letter of intent.
20:30:33 The letter of intent is the first phase of us making this move to charge the United States government and note, and others. So it's not just the US government.
20:30:45 There are others that were not only complicit, but that was literally involved in Acts of crimes against humanity of our people. And again, I had to be very specific.
20:30:57 While we support, and always have other campaigns and other positions, be at Palestine, be it Gouda be at Venezuela, we always support our brothers and sisters when it comes to self determination.
20:31:14 I will which is genocide 21 is specifically for, and about the justice, the respiratory justice for people of African descent, specifically those descendants of enslaved Africans, and those who were already here who are violated.
20:31:36 We do not use the terms of these other things. And again, it's not that we do not support that it's just not our platform. So again, with the 21 points were saying, gentrification is a form of crime against humanity to do the work in yourself tell you
20:31:53 is Jen, Trump location. Jen, no side. So we teach our classes now in our community.
20:32:03 We just came back from Chicago, Detroit. Because what we've learned is that the masses of our people do not know what we're
20:32:13 banking so much.
20:32:17 I'm sorry.
20:32:20 continues this.
20:32:21 Okay. And so, opposition.
20:32:27 People, what is human rights, what is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
20:32:33 What the Malcolm X doing 1964 when he addressed the African Union, on behalf of our black human right. So, again, right now it's important that we educate mobilize organize agitate the masses of our people, so that as we proceed and making these
20:32:56 wouldn't have the people behind us asking to either sign on to things or support things that they really have no direct skin in, in terms of really comprehending, what is being said and done, so, so we've developed a campaign that we've now launched by
20:33:16 the way today, of course, we call it Stephen be cold day. We do this every year.
20:33:22 We have a campaign called the BBB co that again helps to educate our masters of our people about various issues and again the waitress genocide, 21 is 21 points mass incarceration.
20:33:38 Cohen tell pro gentrification environmental racism, a medical apartheid. Again, the 13th amendment that slavery is still is still legal. We want this, this is a crime.
20:33:56 Also of course the you know, the whole idea of solitary confinement. These things are crimes against humanity. And so in closing, we are having our first summit, a National Recovery story, just to summit will take place in Washington DC.
20:34:14 Next year, Labor Day weekend, September 1 through the fourth Labor Day weekend because we're saying that can be no more discussion celebration observance of Labor Day, until there's some real dialogue and advancement and repository justice in regards
20:34:30 to the labor.
20:34:33 The free brutal labor of our people. And in this country, and the prison industrial complex, the labor that our people are now subjected to. And in these camps.
20:34:49 So, again, please mark your calendar, September 1 through the fourth 2020 to Washington DC. We will also be holding our first national pre plebiscite session.
20:35:04 Again, educating our people about what is the plebiscite, why do we need one.
20:35:08 If we're going to move forward in the 21st century, with moving these these ideas and these charges of genocide, we have to do, what has been said, bring it into a different methodology, or another kind of modality, again, to have our people to learn
20:35:27 know and play and be a part of voting on what we want, as a group of people, as a group we will determine what we want to be called how we want to be covering.
20:35:41 Again, we have the examples of the Republic of new Africa. We have examples of the Nation of Islam, we have other examples of people who have helped showed us what it is that can be done.
20:35:52 50 years, 70 years ago. So now in the 21st century, we say which is genocide 21.
20:35:59 We must now organize and demand that opposition is recognized globally. We are preparing to check our first million signatures to the United Nations. We will first submit a letter of intent.
20:36:10 We have already began to send notifications to UN and other Li nations. And lastly, and connecting to Africa as brother Malcolm showed us in 1964. We are saying to the African nations, particularly those who have already said, and apologize for their
20:36:34 role in the transatlantic slave trade. We are now saying to them, they must support this position, they must do more than just give an apology.
20:36:44 They must now act on the fact that we are charging human rights violations, and we need their support. I'm going to put in the chat, our contact information to our radio program comes on after this session at 10:30pm.
20:37:01 Eastern time. We invite everyone to join us. We'll talk more about Paul Robeson Steven Biko, and others block talk radio at 1030, and I'll put that in the chat room, thank you so much again Baba.
20:37:18 Baba battles because he was my elder, who was the president General of the UN IA who taught and told me that we must institutionalize our work. And so his spirit just came to me but I want to think about it allows me Ali, because there's not many who
20:37:33 who have embraced or included us in certain projects and programs over these past 24 years. And we thank him, and others who who have made certain that that has happened.
20:37:48 Thank you again.
20:38:01 Please unmute.
20:38:06 Hey, what's up, sorry about that. Thank you, Sister Dr. Delay coming straight out of Philly.
20:38:13 She is putting her information we're putting our information in the chat and working in parallel with all of the work that is going on.
20:38:22 We're going to stay in touch.
20:38:24 Right now we're going to slide back over to brother in law team.
20:38:29 Introducing sister alma mater hoorah with stay
20:38:41 Sony I lead Thomas songs written by Bob a blouse in the alley, and let's get to it.
20:39:14 George.
20:39:38 So, Jake.
20:40:49 compassionate.
20:41:03 Passionate
20:41:04 casebook compassionate.
20:41:53 Judge.
20:43:46 Right, that was a state.
20:43:49 Well Matsuura Sony, Lee Thomas background vocals Bob up allows the rip off without me I'll be freedom all or more
20:44:23 questions and answers. It Tom is a 44.
20:44:28 And we will be wrapping up in as close to nine as possible.
20:44:35 Okay. Yeah, surely can read active got me. You got me on you hear me.
20:44:43 We hear you clearly. All right.
20:44:58 Freedom land.
20:44:58 Well,
20:44:54 let me first get permission from my Bible is my elders, you know, Baba Sekou Baba Blau and all other young men out there.
20:45:14 Let me get permission from my elders to move forward, may I say cool blouse.
20:45:18 Yes, you may. Okay y'all gotta claim your age now I know how old you are. So don't be playing.
20:45:28 Okay, thank you so much Baba, And my niece just got finished singing that song and I'm just like, I'm at my house doing revolutionary jam. You know what I'm saying, I'm in here doing you know fight the poWER dance, you know what I'm saying based on that
20:45:44 rhythm that I grew up on, but the lyrics were absolutely right on time so thank you Baba Blau.
20:45:56 And my niece for that wonderful, wonderful rendition free them all free all of my brothers and sisters, Let me thank the committee.
20:46:07 the spirit of Mandela committee let me thank you all for giving me an opportunity to share.
20:46:13 Let me thank you all for pulling off that tribunal and set and forth. You know, the,
20:46:22 The mission, moving forward in 2022 and beyond. Thank you all so much that was a fantabulous weekend I had a couple of my acupuncture detox specialist mentees there with me from DC and it was absolutely phenomenal.
20:46:42 And I look forward to getting those recordings.
20:46:47 The issues in the black community as you all know, I'm an acupuncturist nature Pathak doctor trained by Dr Mattoon should call it what do you want to Trinidad and other brothers and sisters, out of the Lincoln movement going all the way back to the early
20:47:05 70s.
20:47:07 I am wanted unindicted co conspirators and the magic or brings trial.
20:47:12 I am as he stated the founder of the African Holistic Health Association and the founder of the acupuncture detox collective, which is a national and international organization that we developed a document to show call one of my best friends.
20:47:31 My mentor. The one who began to teach me acupuncture, as we know, we need to get him out and I know everybody on here has signed the petition, but we want to continue to do that work as we doing down here in DC, putting out pamphlets we ready to put some
20:47:47 posters up. Oh style on the lamppost down here in DC in the hood and we definitely are planning on doing that we're going old style put some posters up in the hood in Washington DC, because we got to get our brother out, as well as all of the other political
20:48:06 prisoners and prisoners of war. I spoke with them to just a couple of days ago.
20:48:12 He's totally excited about still excited about dope is death.
20:48:19 The documentary that came out and if you have not seen that video.
20:48:24 You want to google it you can get it on YouTube you can get it on Netflix is by Vice.
20:48:28 And of course, most of you are probably seen it.
20:48:31 And we need as many people to see it as possible.
20:48:35 Lincoln hospital.
20:48:38 They have the not a program still going on and national acupuncture detox Association. We just recently did a lecture with them myself blossom in the alley.
20:48:49 Walter Basco one of the founders and Dr. Todd. Todd.
20:48:55 tattoo Geraldo again one of the original members at Lincoln and banner. And we gave them the entire history of that process and what was going on there but again, explain to them the importance of telling the truth.
20:49:12 The importance of making sure that the concept of revolution is put out there, and that the concept of resin revolution is not portrayed as some terrorist movement.
20:49:23 But these are human beings, these are fathers and mothers and people who love themselves and love their family and loved the community who decided to take on the mission, and that was to deal with and address the health problems in the community and in
20:49:38 particular, you know, substance abuse, and Dr. Cole was able to look at acupuncture back in 1970 and put that together that's when I first saw it and met him in 72 at the foundry convention and what we now know as the Black Caucus.
20:49:55 So I'm going to put my tweet information in here, I'm trying my contact information into tweet, as it relates to the acupuncture detox collective, as it relates to the African oldest Golf Association because we want people to be involved in this process.
20:50:09 So that leads me right to what I'm going to talk about for the next few minutes. That is the concept of holistic health.
20:50:17 You know, when people are living their lives in America we automatically on distress if you black automatically under stress and we grew up in that process, you know, and we live through it.
20:50:28 When you're a revolutionary you can intensify that, so it's important for you all of my brothers and sisters who I'm speaking to to take care your health.
20:50:37 you know we are looking at devising a package and a program for all of our brothers and sisters who come out, because they definitely need health care, but there's nothing that needs to be a program that needs to be a process that needs to be a system
20:50:53 that's put in place for brothers and sisters when they come home, that we can address those health issues but we address them naturally without drugs and chemicals.
20:51:08 That one goes through in terms of defensiveness and the tense. Kind of state one must be in on a daily basis. You do that for 510 15 2030 4050 years in your body, of course, his erect is broken down immune system the nervous system.
20:51:23 All of these things are compromised. So we automatically know that as holistic practitioners when the person comes out there has to be a complete regeneration, a complete rebuilding.
20:51:33 And then once that rebuilding takes place, you have to continue to feed that to make sure that is sustained so that we can continue on in the future. So the holistic process is what we talked about an individual should use that holistic process is circular
20:52:08 inclusive all take a circle at the top of that circle, you know, we look at spirit. So we say well what is dr guy doing with his spirit, you know, to deal with the traumas, to deal with the health conditions that I have to deal with every day we know
20:52:10 we supposed to meditate, pray, we supposed to breed, get our sleep.
20:52:17 Trauma resolve trauma prevention, a nap black person on this continent that hasn't gotten trauma, you know, some of us have gotten more than others. Those are the things that have to be dealt with me and you and all of the black people that we deal with
20:52:31 and this is why the acupuncture tool that we use is so crucial, because it's able to address all of those issues spirit mind and body. The next thing is the mind piece, you know, in order to have a strong man we got to do all those other things that we
20:52:46 just mentioned breathing. You know we have to meditate, we have to pray we have to sleep. We have to deal with trauma resolves our brain can be clear, trauma prevention so nothing gets in the way of our progress.
20:52:58 We have to deal with adding to that on the mindset and nutrition I didn't say diet, nutrition, as well as empowering information that's Bill EMPOR, empowering information information that once you get it you able to move forward.
20:53:14 So then we shoot over to the body part. So we got the spirit we got the mind, spirit is first always is the spirit of Mandela everything is spirit first.
20:53:23 So we got the spirit that we're going to strengthen and develop. We got the mindset that we should continue to develop now we get to the body with the body, same thing.
20:53:31 We got to sleep, we got to meditate we got to breathe, we got to pray, you know we got to trauma resolve because the tension and Island the stress that we deal with, you know, on a daily basis has an effect on us, trauma, prevention.
20:53:45 We want to make sure that we are in a stable state of mind to continue to do our work and struggle and be clear about who the enemy is not our wife while children or the neighbor or, you know somebody else who might get upset about.
20:53:58 So with that, with the body, we add to that.
20:54:06 Physical Therapy.
20:54:06 And we add to that, diet, physical therapy. That's martial arts yoga jogging bicycle riding chiropractic work you know whatever the case may be, some physical activity we don't want to say exercise because that's one of the physical therapy so we want
20:54:23 to make sure that we clear that I'm using the word therapy, meaning that it's got to be medicinal and something that will affect us physiologically to enhance.
20:54:33 You know those physiological systems that keep us alive on a daily basis. Last but not least, the whole issue of community and environment so we talked about working with my mentees, they know when they come in, we're going to work on this group, we're
20:54:47 going to do that we're going to work on their mind we're going to do that we're going to work on a body, but they cannot be a member of the collective if they don't participate in community work.
20:54:56 So that's probably the most important thing outside of the spiritual part that makes the collective, the collective, that makes a human being a human being that they're doing all of these things but they giving back to the community.
20:55:09 And they're concerned about their environment, the water, the air, the 5g radiation, you know the violence, you know, this and that all of the things the food deserts, you know, all of these are chem trails, you know, he just released the thing about
20:55:22 the chem trails, one of the guys that was flying the jet released a report about it so I'll send it to like him and he can hopefully get it out to everybody, but the environment is important that we deal with that black folk and not into that we, of course
20:55:36 created it, you know with originators of it.
20:55:38 But we also again have to deal with community. So everybody who comes into the collective has to be involved in community activity community work going out when we go out and feed people.
20:55:50 When the covert riots was really really hitting hard. Last year, me and my students were going around spring people's mouths with taxi moon, which is something that we've been using for the last year so Dr.
20:56:03 Lee Muhammad connected with the outfit of Iran that was produced by Dr. Jose hot era, out of Cuba, and in February of last year, they introduced it to Trump in his administration they said hell no we don't want that garbage, of course, those 55 tube and
20:56:23 doctors that we heard about went around the world, with the Patsy moon. This pack to me, two sprays kills the virus, Dr. Ali Mohammed here in Washington DC, connected on an in February of last year, put the announcement out that we had a cure.
20:56:37 You know when you say you got security coming to kill you. They did it would save me and several other people. Now, Dr. Ali Mohammed has a backache you got a whole army behind him so they didn't mess with him.
20:56:47 So we have the app and if you're on that we've been putting out in the community since February of last year. This Patsy moon doesn't kill the virus in enhances the immune system.
20:57:01 So we were going around in the housing projects in the hood. You know my hood where I live, spring people in their mouth because they didn't have 50 6070 $80 to pay for so this is what the collective does we go out and give back to the community on a
20:57:19 regular basis. So with that being said that's the collective, that's the whole list of concept, but I want to employ to you guys on the phone all my brothers and sisters that are on the phone, go to my website and check out the packs immune.
20:57:50 and check out the things that you're going to need to work, you know with yourself and to work with your family, you know, brother law team and Quake who are the collective members down there in Atlanta, I want to applaud you all again for the great work
20:57:52 that you did and and saving several people's lives I don't have to call the names out. But some of these people on their deathbed, and the acupuncture detox specialist collective, you know we're busy they got they got busy went to work and begin to turn
20:58:05 those situations around, we have collected members in Cleveland, Ohio. We have collected members in Boston. we have collective members and California.
20:58:28 We have collected members in Atlanta, we have collective members in Florida, we have collected members in Maryland, and DC and Garmin. We're working on developing a process and I'm sorry we are in South America because el Fulani Sunni I lead set up an
20:58:36 initial ABS clinic in Belize.
20:58:46 You know before she left us, you know her spirit is still alive and her work will continue as will continue to work on establishing or reestablishing the clinic in Belize as I know Blau will be there.
20:58:54 So, we want to again acknowledge all of these brothers and sisters who are dealing with the health issue because in the movement.
20:59:04 In general, people don't deal with the health issue. It's important that we deal with the health issue beforehand. You know before you go out and do your marching before you go out and do your work, you have one last story.
20:59:18 I work with a group called ceasefire. Don't smoke the brothers and sisters. Now we are the hood, you know you got a lot of groups that work with, you know, the gangs and stuff but we don't want to go.
20:59:38 We hood you know so we go in and you know we buying you know with the brothers and sisters and we hang out with them and you know we deal with that, you know, In, I lost my train of thought.
20:59:52 We you in the hood. And y'all go out in in DC out in the street. Yeah, we're talking about someone sees fire don't smoke your brothers and sisters, which is the anti violence group that I worked with.
21:00:00 Now, I was working with a church, and they asked me to come in and work with them, we went out into the hood, it was some shootings around the corner and, you know, we want you guys to go out with us and, you know, pass out some flyers and talk to him
21:00:11 I said, yall already know Don't be calling me if y'all gonna be doing some chump business and all that. Don't be calling me know nobody that's why we want you to come that another that so I go, I go to the meeting, and I say Look man, I'm not going out
21:00:23 So I go, I go to the meeting, and I say Look man, I'm not going out there walking around in the street and you catch I'm looking at y'all, I can see Have y'all got high blood pressure, diabetes, this and that net you're not going to have me out in the
21:00:35 hood, you know, dealing out there and y'all can keep up.
21:00:36 Of course, when we got out there, the first three blocks were fine. When I got to the flip block, I didn't see nobody.
21:00:43 Okay, what is going on we already know people started complaining I gotta go get my insulin, you know I'm tired. you know my pressure is going up, you know I'm feeling this I'm feeling that I mean literally, and I knew this was going to happen, you know,
21:00:56 and this is what again I teach the collective, and this is what we talked about when we talk about leadership, but most of the people on this call right here in leadership positions, or are doing some real real serious active work in terms of contributing
21:01:09 to the liberation of black people.
21:01:12 The most important thing for you is to take care of your spirit to take care of your mind to take care of your body, and to again be able to contribute to the community so make sure your environment, you know it's set properly so you can contribute to
21:01:26 to community. So, let me stop right there I like him if that's enough and entertain some questions or if you'd like me to tap on anything else in particular, but again, all of the brothers and sisters who are coming out of jail, send them to my website
21:01:40 have them call me material has sent so many brothers, to me, and I've worked with them in terms of their health and we've been able to change some things but what did they do they took it home today Mom, it's all man I'm gonna take this to my mom and
21:01:54 she got her brothers. This is what we teach the collective that they work on themselves and this is the exact mission that they work on themselves.
21:02:02 They work on their families.
21:02:04 Then they go to the community and do that work and that's how we train the people in the collective whether they family members do it and I think the issue, but the responsibility has to be noted that that is what's necessary to be done.
21:02:18 So we want to do the same thing with brothers and sisters that are coming out, making sure that we get all that garbage out of the system and give them the things that they need, even acupuncture so we want acupuncturist in every city in every organization,
21:02:31 which is the goal that we set for it back in 1998 that we wanted to put an acupuncturist and every black Revolutionary Organization.
21:02:40 Thank you lucky Thank you family.
21:02:44 Thank you, brother. Brother Dr.
21:02:58 Cook okay.
21:02:50 Yeah, we're going to open it up for questions and answers. The first thing that I want to emphasize is that one of the reasons that we did not put this as folks not to put this on on social media.
21:03:06 The links is because we wanted to make sure that the connections was secure.
21:03:16 But lacking we're really at trying to make sure that was no the zone connection was secured and with no photo, Noah zone bombing. And then people would feel, you know, relatively relatively safe.
21:03:30 So, having said that, we like all of the presenters to put your contact information in the chat, as well as any of the documents that you want to share with with folks in the future, so that people could connect with you, and follow up, then that is the
21:03:54 first.
21:04:03 So we do 15 minutes of q&a.
21:04:10 We asking folks, if you will put your question in the chat. I will try to keep up with you.
21:04:17 And in your chat.
21:04:20 Make a note of who you want the question directed to.
21:04:29 buy the book now.
21:04:32 Whether Jamil.
21:04:34 I believe by the jihad is still on.
21:04:38 I'm sister filet.
21:04:39 Hopefully she is still on.
21:04:46 Alright folks coming up.
21:04:53 Let's go to 930.
21:04:55 Yes. 930 15 is not fun. That's just gonna be a couple of questions.
21:05:01 That's good. Okay.
21:05:03 And then assess.
21:05:07 But I know you wouldn't go to 930. We can go, I don't want to wear people out. I know people who've been on for a long time.
21:05:14 We don't want to wear them out.
21:05:17 But if we have to go to 10 o'clock, I don't want to go past 10 so let's say 930 for now.
21:05:24 And if it's if it's still jammin at 930.
21:05:28 Let's go to Tim.
21:05:32 I want to put in a sister name or put in a request.
21:05:36 I think she had another call that she had to deal with. If there were some environmental justice environmental racism questions directed to her.
21:05:47 Um, you know, maybe a
21:05:54 total time, we are, we, we asked you to keep it as sharp into the point.
21:06:03 And again will provide contact information we will keep the information for the future.
21:06:10 In terms of transcripts and recordings.
21:06:13 So, we like to if there's some things on environmental racism environmental justice, particularly aimed at sister Naima.
21:06:26 You try to do that first Naima. Here you go. Okay.
21:06:32 All right.
21:06:36 And nothing is showing up in my, I saw another people during the during her talk.
21:06:52 I'm giving all kinds of props.
21:06:48 Any questions for her, in particular, will the organizing environmental justice racism organizing going on in North Carolina okay not seeing any
21:07:02 new folks at typing.
21:07:07 Women, let me do this differently.
21:07:12 Okay, not seeing any okay we'll open it up for any, any topic on, on any of the brothers the sisters who was given presentation.
21:07:31 No.
21:07:34 No comments no questions.
21:07:41 Folks, just want the contact information.
21:07:44 Yeah, I did want to say, invite one of mine is still intact. Dream already.
21:07:51 Yeah, not even put my makeup in already.
21:07:59 Yet,
21:07:59 we got it we're keeping all of it.
21:08:02 And will it will be made available
21:08:14 as
21:08:17 part of me. If someone anyone in this this here is, is interested in getting the information.
21:08:23 And you don't and you know we don't already have direct contact with you. You can share your contact information share your, your email or phone number or something like that in the chat, type your name, and then whatever information you want to share.
21:08:36 and in that way the transcripts, and the recording will have you can be shared with you.
21:08:43 That's one way to get it but if you're in direct contact with us already, then you, it will get shared.
21:08:51 And of course, what we haven't mentioned is anyone wants to join mom jack, a mom Jamil Action Network. We are recruiting.
21:09:16 Well hands on deck is more work than the hands can can handle right now.
21:09:09 So that includes a mom Camille Action Network Jericho spirit of Mandela.
21:09:19 African Holistic Health Association.
21:09:23 Everybody needs some more hair.
21:09:27 Okay.
21:09:33 There are a couple of questions to in the chat now.
21:09:34 Okay, the National only showing up when you get into it.
21:09:40 You see it up because website was another contact information, what are the meeting times and steps for joining the spirit of Mandela coalition is one question
21:09:55 whether you had you want to take that.
21:09:59 Yes, I can take that I was writing information on the chat.
21:10:03 Yes, the meeting, excuse me, the best way to connect which is a very good way to do it is that we have a general meeting the third Saturday of every month.
21:10:15 The third Saturday of every month from 12 to two. And this purpose of this meeting is to give updates for new people to see what's happening to be a part of that call is no compulsion there to join anything but to listen, of course, we hope you do join
21:10:31 one of the committee's because they do the committee reports and updates and things of that nature, a lot of valuable information is shared and get a quick bird's eye view of the strategies and where we're going.
21:10:45 And that bleeds into the different committees.
21:10:48 That's number one. So you can. The best way to connect to that is to put in the chat, and and land put in there earlier spirit of Mandela, one spirit of Mandela one at gmail.
21:11:01 com. You say, Hey, my name is sister song so I want to become involved and I'm interested in whatever baby just interested in general, and some I will respond to you.
21:11:15 You know about the next time so I'll put you on the listserv link where you get all of the information that was happening and And believe me, there is a lot happening,
21:11:28 moving straight ahead with that.
21:11:31 You'll get a chance to interact with a lot of the top soldiers so involve many of them on the call right now and they did presentation so Seiko Odinga Angelo motor Kean admires talked about and catchy title was on earlier.
21:11:47 And of course, sisters and brothers and I Jan, or you can reach out to them too if you have a better contact with them and they can bleed you into getting involved but we ask everybody as I did in the beginning, not to go beyond the question is that we
21:12:05 ask that you dispatch somebody to become a part.
21:12:16 There's a lot to be done and we have a timeline and subjective strategies but timelines looking at the toxic to 24 elections and want to have some serious things in place, so this this, these initiatives are designed to build.
21:12:24 And to add few in ammunition to your own missions and in your own organizations is not asking you to become apart, leave yours and company because of that it's not that at all a matter of fact, is asking that you utilize the resources here to build upon
21:12:40 Matter of fact, is asking that you utilize the resources here to build upon what you are the wonderful work that you're doing in your own communities in different parts of the country and listening to people talk now so very important that we have a very
21:12:52 serious sophisticated level of communication and working together, so that's that's what we're positioning ourselves to be in to do it to handle that type of work.
21:13:00 So there you go, spare the Mandela one at gmail. com.
21:13:06 And you can see special interest there you can contact right through it Jan and you have context there, you know lead you write to us directly where you need to go.
21:13:15 I'll put my number in there also.
21:13:24 So, I want to say, in regards to chat, um, when we get into the questions as quickly as I can to.
21:13:33 When we get into the questions as quick as I can to. One of the things that I noticed is that people are asking for content that's been shared, please take a minute, take a few minutes to scroll through the chat, and that the stuff that you're looking for.
21:13:46 In a lot of cases they're going on to the next question.
21:13:53 I'll put two questions together here.
21:13:56 One question and thank you.
21:14:04 Baba Hi, thank you for that.
21:14:03 Thank you, um, when is the next gathering and. And another question is will the spirit of Mandela or any other presenters utilize the metaverse to reach the younger millennial audience, given covert is reducing the ability to meet and gather platforms
21:14:24 like this.
21:14:27 The central land and sandbox are trending for new young audiences to onboard and social justice. So that is the statements last question,
21:14:58 very beginning, the king the very beginning of that question was what
21:14:52 will the spirit of Mandela, or any of the other presenters utilize the metaverse to reach the younger millennial audience.
21:15:00 Given cold it is reducing the ability to meet gather and, you know, the MIT metaverse being the conglomerate of social media and other communication platforms that, that, you know, Facebook what's app installed.
21:15:19 Gotcha, gotcha gotcha right. Well, even though I'm. Luckily for me I'm not the one to deal with it but I can in fact we give a big Yes, yes, indeed we will we have some wonderful fabulous young people that's even on the coordinating committee that will
21:15:34 be doing all of those type of things and utilizing all of those mediums, you know, I'll be writing on a piece of paper.
21:15:41 Right on the right or yesterday but yes to answer your question, and I believe everybody should get up to speed on that because we can move forward without you so that has to be considered 1,000% we cannot move forward and we do not plan to move forward
21:15:57 without any value involved in the spirit of Mandela has a lot of youth involved so anybody that's not involved that's young.
21:16:05 And I guess younger would be younger than me, I guess. But, or even older cooked by you can you can come on, brother.
21:16:12 But uh, but yes indeed. I'm glad that question came out to make sure that young ears a hearing this and that, and your expertise and making it even working even in a more, more profound way because if you, I guess if you leave it up to July will last
21:16:30 a quote myself and Matt, then I guess we will all be writing letters.
21:16:35 myself and Matt, then I guess we all be writing letters. But no, we're not we're not going to do that.
21:16:44 Super. So, and next, next question, or I don't know if the previous question. When is the next gathering, and the question that corresponds that how do we proceed from here, what our next steps.
21:16:58 And so any, any presenter can add on to that and we can just say again that as the management Action Network. On the next steps are to join these organizations get in contact these organizations reach out these organizations share your contact information.
21:17:15 In terms of this event.
21:17:20 I cannot speak on the next upcoming event.
21:17:23 Immediately we can share some of that, as we close, but those are the next steps the immediate things are getting in contact with the people who are here who are present, and and and joining following up, you know, to the work is already being done a
21:17:36 lot of times we want to recreate wheels, but we already got wheels rolling and feet on the ground.
21:17:43 We just need more more fuel for the fire more momentum to go to keep going and get it and get it going faster and better and stronger and all of that.
21:17:53 Can I can I say something.
21:17:55 Absolutely.
21:17:58 Last question. I think it's important that the young brother.
21:18:12 Whoever is it was a question about about our communications and training on reaching young people, it's important for us to know for proof of them people to know if everybody know that we do have a social media committee and social media, social media
21:18:17 committee is reaching out to us all social media platforms.
21:18:21 So we'll be issuing a like like PSA informing people on how we're moving forward.
21:18:29 Moving towards the actual verdict, being released. The final verdict being released by the International Jewish. So, let me make this appeal that anyone who has the technical skills and capable of using social media to reach the kind of people that you
21:18:48 think needs to be recent we have not we have the materials. We have the materials to send out to put out there. Right.
21:18:55 We may not have all the technical skills necessary. So if you have those skills, please contact me. And so we may, you may possibly be a part of our social media committee and our outreach committee, we have two committees has already been put in place.
21:19:09 So can we put in place both those two social outreach committee and the social media can be are near have as many people we can to assist and are promoting and propagating.
21:19:19 This goes and judging other people send it. Thank you.
21:19:26 Thank you.
21:19:33 Go ahead, looking at something real quick.
21:19:35 Yes, sir. Let me read you back a little bit when we talked about where do we go from here.
21:19:41 What do we do from this point as my brothers have said, we have to become a part of a movement we have to become a part of a spirit we have to join in to work efforts to pull this off, as you all know like I stated earlier, I'm dealing with the health
21:19:58 piece of that my commitment since 1998 is to train somebody in every black organization most definitely revolutionary organizations that I possibly can.
21:20:10 One of the things that has been presented to us from our queen mother and ancestor Dr. Francis Cresswell Singh and those nine areas that we should concentrate on I've always had an issue with my elder and those who promote that because they left out health,
21:20:27 health, you know, they left they put everything on there but health, you know, politics, economics, education, you know, all of those things are there, with the exception of health.
21:20:41 My experience over the years in the movement that that's one of the things that does not get the attention that it should get thank God for document tools record dr Laila, Africa, you know, brother.
21:20:51 Baba, Dr. savy who I met in 78 and my son had cancer and work with him My son is still around, you know, thanks for all the other progressive holistic fighters that I ancestors but that are still around today.
21:21:06 So again, where do we go from here What do you as an individual go from here is you work on your health, you make sure that you using the things that will enhance you using the things that will maintain you, we work harder than the average person.
21:21:25 And because of that, we need more not only do we need more we need to be eating the best we need to be putting the best supplements, you know, into our body, you know, so where do we go from here we're going nowhere if everybody you know in the collective,
21:21:38 you know, in terms of the work that we doing if everybody in the collective as high blood pressure, diabetes obese, arthritis, you know so forth and so on, or at home caring for somebody else who does not have health problems.
21:21:52 So where do we go from here, we take care of our own health first.
21:21:56 Secondly, get in touch with the ABS collective, get in touch with the African Holistic Health Association. It's important that you have a acupuncture detox specialist or a health advocate in your collective in your unit in your organization.
21:22:15 At this point, so that's where we want to go from here with all of you all, and everybody who's about liberation for black people.
21:22:26 So,
21:22:29 thank you, Baba, and also just to to Camelback on was just said
21:22:42 here locally in Atlanta. On the afternoon this killed Association at the trust collective, we hold Friday, acupuncture detox clinic at the IM Ascension temple of love.
21:22:57 Above tested these raw reality, 1059, Ralph David Abernathy. I'm in the West End Boulevard Southwest.
21:23:05 Every Friday, that we can, which is most Fridays.
21:23:13 We, we, from four to 6:30pm, we, we have we share with the community.
21:23:23 The healing modality that detox we also share with the community, the training of this, of this modality, and and it's, it's something again as he said we are here to do it within for ourselves first our family, and then community and so that's how we
21:23:41 operate with it and we train community edit and like you said to be a part of it though.
21:23:47 On a certain level, it requires a certain level of self care certain level of commitment to to healing on all levels.
21:23:55 But yeah, definitely come Come join us Come, come get here with us.
21:24:01 Yeah.
21:24:02 Somebody just asked a question about back pain.
21:24:11 So now we're getting into that, yeah we're getting into the consultation arena now, you know, but now acupuncture again, I was on a radio show today and to do ask me a question I'm waiting to come from they think Chinese book didn't know if we go to prepare
21:24:23 us papers, we actually see and and and a regular diagram or regular meeting ear diagram and acupuncture points and anatomy, acupuncture points of body on the proprietors papers.
21:24:35 If you Google upcoming, you know that the swimmer had those circles on his back and so forth. You will see Africans using horns, to, you know, a hollowed out, you know, instrument and putting heat to a degree of vacuum to do cupping with animal horns,
21:24:54 in the day, so no acupuncture is a health protocol that deals with everything member, China, that's all they use until the doctors came over, they would do drugs and surgery and what have you.
21:25:09 So they were able to treat everything with acupuncture and yes we have, we've treated lupus, as high blood pressure, diabetes, you know, you name it, we've treated it with with acupuncture, and had been successful aids cancer, you know, all of these things
21:25:26 matter of fact, a program and I work for progressive green cross acupuncture clinic, we were doing free acupuncture in DC and when they closed. That's why I opened up the African artists Association and we opened up a clinic.
21:25:39 Shortly thereafter, you know, but in this this particular concept of treatment, when we talk about acupuncture and how it's done. The barefoot doctors use this tool to go into community to heal people, so this is why we want to train each individual,
21:25:54 a one person in each organization to be able to do that, the collective one situation happened where I was coming from a park with a collective memory and a woman was in the ground having a seizure, you know, like even below and everybody's heard this
21:26:17 before, and she was having a seizure was a white woman she was overweight, and I ran to her and I said hey you know I'm an acupuncturist that I cannot. Nobody said a word to me. Of course this is unbelievable story that these people will let me get down
21:26:40 nobody said a word to me and treat this woman break because she was dead. She was turning blue, and I did some conscious raising or acupuncture points that we were taught in terms of emergency acupuncture.
21:26:38 And what this woman back to life now the whole 20 minutes that I was there, 25 minutes I was there, nobody spoke to me, but this is the kind of preparedness, that we must have 10.
21:26:50 Five years later, the person that was with me, was walking through the hood and somebody collapsed in a front yard. She jumped over the fence. Did the points that I'd never taught her, you know, like he might y'all pick up these things and and just hold
21:27:03 on to them. And, you know, again the script what that backer and she saved that man's life. She came to the DS meeting that day was just so proud of herself, then it happened again.
21:27:14 The following Sunday with another one of the students who had to revive someone, so it's important for us to gain these skills within the collective as the brother say we need artists we need people who are computer literate we need organizers social
21:27:33 work we need everybody to do well we also need acupuncture detox specialist in every collective so please like like Kim stated they meet twice. Twice a week we meet twice a week in DC Boston Cleveland.
21:27:47 All of them have their own particular days that they meet but we're building collectors and all those major cities.
21:27:56 Right.
21:27:57 And thanks.
21:28:00 So, it is now 927 I ramble off a couple more questions.
21:28:10 One, one quick one Physician Fee is the is the fish fry for you man Jamil gonna continue.
21:28:18 Yeah, we intend to continue doing it, we had been doing monthly Movie Night, and educational and we plan to start their back up. We've been concentrating in in South Carolina and Atlanta.
21:28:39 But, Savannah is this van and network is getting ready to wrap up. So, if Galaxy A 12 is in Savannah area, please get in touch.
21:28:50 And the right.
21:28:52 And that's a quote y'all got Cumbria with that Miss, Sophia. Yes.
21:28:58 All right, I'm gonna be playing don't don't come short.
21:29:03 I got witnesses on this call now.
21:29:09 And we will make sure we have some vegan options, this time as well. So, there we go. Yeah, oh yeah, there we go, look out for the live vegan option. All right, now look out for the family now.
21:29:21 Oh yes, lab vegan options going on. Yeah.
21:29:25 Other lacking Could I make a comment, real quick, go right ahead. Yeah, just put it in the chat, but I just wanted to emphasize it that which I didn't when I was doing my presentation in the beginning, just listening to Dr.
21:29:40 Koh Chi.
21:29:39 I just wanted to bring up the fact that the tribe you know charge five categories of genocide.
21:29:46 You know, we were very familiar with the police killings in the mass incarceration.
21:29:51 And of course the political prisoners, so very synchronous to everything. But also, you know, we are charged environmental racism.
21:30:16 Not even what she was talking about down in North Carolina, and the health disparities, the races health disparities adaptable guys, bringing out. And the reason the action plan to deal with that.
21:30:12 When we charge genocide we weren't just talking about getting shot to death, which is, which is definitely a thing, you know, we were talking about historically how we're impacted, you know, by the greed of capitalism and living in diverse communities
21:30:26 and toxic lands and environments and.
21:30:30 And now health care is always on on marginalize and not accessible and food deserts are things of this nature and and bad habits that we have so that was that's genocide.
21:30:43 So, that is, we can only go into that but anyway I just wanted to bring that out just to be a tactical guy was saying, yeah and that's real and that's one of the things that I thought was incredible, about the tribunal because very seldom do we hit people
21:31:00 pushing the health piece. And that's just the gay tues two people that did to help ease their brother and the sister, and the daughter or granddaughter of people who initiated the Tribune, it was just phenomenal how she covered every area of health as
21:31:14 It was just phenomenal how she covered every area of health as my brother stated, you know, Environmental Public Health Systems the whole thing. She covered the whole ball of wax, it was it was absolutely incredible.
21:31:24 Excellent.
21:31:46 Thank you both. We just to answer some questions on that okay you got you got you got clients just coming on list so there's somebody in
21:31:38 the question to you the answer to your question is in the chat and, you know, you got him right there in DC.
21:31:44 We do have a brother in Cleveland now in fact he was here in Atlanta. This past strong beginning Saturday and Sunday but he's back in Cleveland now so okay I got to meet him.
21:31:55 Yeah, yeah, Yeah, we're linking with Tim up there. Yeah.
21:32:08 Indeed. Okay, so what else the people who are asking the questions. I'm liking can give you my numbers, where you can call me directly, I'm not gonna put it in here, but get with like him and he'll give you my number and you can call me directly.
21:32:18 Okay.
21:32:19 Anybody in New York affiliated Yes, you know, New York is the spot, you know, our top trainer.
21:32:27 The person who worked with me to Lou at Lincoln hospital dr Walker by escape, who is one of our senior trainers is in New York and then we have brother Shaka, who is a new member of the acupuncture detox collective who I was introduced to through Bible
21:32:48 say cool Dingo.
21:32:50 He's been working on Sekou so these are kind of brothers that we want.
21:32:55 As a part of the collective So anybody who wants to be a part of the collective reach out to like team if you in his area, you'll be, you know, under his guidance and direction he's actually our senior our elder in the collective nationally, you know
21:33:15 he's been around with me since 2007, I say six, somewhere around in there. Yeah, so he is the elder down there so he has my inflammation hit me up. And let's see what we can do in your city, starting with you first.
21:33:25 Right, I'm more things.
21:33:28 And so she the Muslim president, l, as long as the question to any one of the speakers I need to start a movement to free a person who has been wrongfully convicted in Ohio.
21:33:43 Can someone give me some time on phone to give a few tips and how to get started.
21:33:51 Yeah, I put my number in there.
21:34:08 say this to someone so this is my so as I may not get a won't answer necessarily if I just see a number come up because I get too many calls but if your name is attached you can help me my best secretary is my voicemail.
21:34:21 But I just got to screen the call so just text me as you come to text me and then call me a hobby want to do it, but you're welcome to call me and we can talk about inshallah
21:34:37 things one things.
21:34:40 But, so we're going to go ahead and wrap up with questions. I'm a
21:34:59 Columbus now Cleveland. So, although for those reaching out yeah no wonder brothers Timothy was asking. We're in Ohio. Oh, don't worry about that one. Yeah, cool, Tim is on my man.
21:35:05 Yes. No no not it is not attend know two different two different tables.
21:35:11 No. Different two different gods he's in Cleveland Tim is in Cleveland if he's wanting to know yeah yeah I'm gonna, I'm gonna tell him that message me directly and I'll link him with Tim Cleveland.
21:35:20 Send them send them to me first.
21:35:26 Okay, I got it, I got it. He already messaged me, and I'm sending out your, your number now. Yes, sir.
21:35:32 All right, very shot.
21:35:35 There we go.
21:35:37 Okay.
21:35:58 So, yeah, we want to go with say this, um, the contact information is in the chat if you have not gotten it. Um, hopefully you put your information in the chat.
21:35:53 And we will share it with you. As soon as we can and that's one of the things that we need is people to help do a logistical administrative context, though.
21:36:01 That's one of the key issues that we locally in Atlanta Atlanta have is that we have afford a nice robust number of contacts, but getting in contact with them.
21:36:16 The challenge is, you know there's only a few key people that are that are working on things like making things moving all of those key people are leaders and other organizations as well.
21:36:24 So, with that, we, I will say my part in closing the question answer and then I'll turn it back over to fear. Again, thank you all for the questions of course we can't get to everything but, um, you know, reach out, you've got that links now.
21:36:41 We'll do our best to keep you LinkedIn and add on to that so sister fear.
21:36:48 So, only My task is to thank everyone who was involved
21:36:54 and helping to pull this off. We want to thank the National million woman, March, a universal movement. Imagine meal Action Network justice for Georgia work as well party, the more science Temple of America the Alliance for political accountability.
21:37:10 The African Holistic Health Association, the National Black Liberation Movement unity initiative. The National.
21:37:19 Excuse me.
21:37:22 And, you know, those were the main organizations that were part we also want to thank, North Carolina Environmental Justice Network, as well as the leaders of Kenosha, who try to get on and we will be adding their information on to for contacts in the
21:37:38 future.
21:37:40 We want to thank everyone.
21:37:42 We are humbled and grateful for your participation. You didn't have to be here.
21:37:48 You could have been somewhere else. But you chose to be here. And we continue, we pledge to continue to work on the ground.
21:37:58 And in the spirit of Mandela, and in the spirit of the law, make him.
21:38:05 Except, or work, and I'll do a la creme you want to close this out with stay
21:38:18 by me close out with, with stay you said yes day okay when he is staying. All right, we gotta, we gotta take.
21:38:23 We take a request now so we can close.
21:38:27 A LOOK make sure, make sure that your jam man.
21:38:30 Right. Yeah.
21:38:32 Like, I was like, black people here listening to this.
21:38:37 I was like statues and I'm over here jammin I was like, Oh, this is rowdy on it, you know now y'all got the jam man that thing is powerful man that thing had me in tears on this end, dancing, so let's give some juice to the song family.
21:38:55 Right on this rock with it.
21:38:58 Hindi name was me man I was ready to dance man.
21:39:03 And the, so here we go let's let's get into, let's get into it.
21:39:10 Give me a second so I can get it, Get it up again.
21:39:17 Yeah.
21:39:24 No.
21:39:28 minute here at it, dig in the crates digging in the crates here.
21:39:34 way.
21:39:35 Oh.
21:39:54 here we go.
21:40:18 Now the judge in this case.
21:40:42 Jake.
21:41:59 Hey.
21:43:42 Ma.
21:44:53 Rambo Rambo Rambo
21:45:00 Reem all now.
21:45:08 Right now, right now.
21:45:07 Now, more thanks, a brand she got the night and Salaam Bay and more science temple in the building.
21:45:15 After Kelvin a bill Association and boom I think Diane left workers world party, but more thanks to her.
21:45:23 What thanks to all of our presenters and and definitely a spirit of Mandela tribunal folks, you know, is great work is being done.
21:45:36 You know I.
21:45:37 Everybody's here, Matt Myers is the name of, um, I don't know if the system, got off already.
21:45:45 The system Deseret, and all of the presenters I'm heather gray with Pacifica radio, TV and this work as well.
21:45:53 You know just just more and more thanks for for you all.
21:46:00 In the
21:46:00 right
21:46:05 free land freedom all
21:46:09 blah blah we'd like to close the door.
21:46:13 Yeah, I'd like to say this Milan rough man Rahim.
21:46:25 Only below me Satan, the famous Milla Manor again well as in now in Santa life equals Latina, I'm gonna I'm gonna solar hot water was so hot, but also the summer.
21:46:34 And the name of the London magnificent the Merciful By the token of time. Surely, humanities in the state of loss, except for those who stand up and pray and stand up for righteousness, and exalt one in each other to do righteous deeds and inside each
21:46:55 other to be patient with a lot to continue to strengthen us continue to strengthen our resolve to free all our political prisoners to free ourselves to fight against tyranny.
21:47:13 When we find it.
21:47:22 And especially to fight against the system, which is, which their plans, is to destroy the planet to us the patients and resolve.
21:47:27 To do this, and give us the patience, and the victory.
21:47:58 I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean I'm hJ I shall I say Oh, thank you, Sister Sofia for doing a wonderful job moderating big ups to the brother name.
21:47:49 Arabic written there and meeting with thanks to you all. So we're going to go ahead and close the meeting, please everybody keep being great keep doing the great work you're doing.